What's Your DMA?

Linda Poitras By Linda Poitras, 13th Jul 2016 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This morning I am talking about DMA. No, it's not a mistype ... I didn't mean DNA. I really meant DMA.

What's DMA? Good question ... join me and I'll explain it all to you.

Good Morning Everybody ...

In life things go wrong but it's not the end of the world although sometimes it feels like it. The plans you make, although they can go wrong, become lessons that help in your discovering and the evolution of a future plan that just may work.

The lesson of DMA is assessment, progress and improvement. Learning and growing.

What's DMA? Good question. Grab yourself some coffee, make yourself comfortable and join me as I explain ...

What is DMA

DMA is not to be confused with DNA.

DMA is my new scientific coding meaning Dominate Mental Attitude. It's a 3 step plan.

1) Mentally acknowledge the situation.

2) Mentally see where change can be made

3) Yield and get it done.

Its a simple plan that can be applied for everything.

Let me show you how:

A schedule.

You plan to wake up at 7 am in the morning. You want a good breakfast and if you're like me, you want to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Calmly get yourself together and ready to go to work. Sounds like a good plan?


Morning comes.

Alarm goes off at 7 AM.

You hit the snooze button.

Alarm goes off at 7:05, again you hit the snooze button and doze off.

Alarm goes off at 7:10 and you turn off the alarm and doze off.

A few minutes later you crack open your eyes to look at the time and jump out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, take a sip, run to get dressed, grab another sip as you get your stuff together and run out the door.

There you are sitting at work, out of breath, tired, wishing you had had time to wake up and enjoy that cup of coffee because the first sip was so good.

You learn something?

The very next day ...

Alarm goes off at 7 AM. Hit the snooze and there you go again. You've become a snooze champion.

You realize you know where the snooze button is eyes closed but have to look at the remote to change channels and look at the keyboard to type?

Tell me, why do you keep making the same mistake, time and time again expecting different results?

It's time to change the routine!

The DMA process goes like this:

1) Mentally assess the situation: you keep hitting snooze button

2) Mentally see where your efforts can be put to be more effective: if you didn't go to bed so late at night, you'd be able to get up at 7 and follow that schedule and actually have that cup of coffee.

and ... 3) Yield and get it done.

Don't stop until you get it right. When things go wrong, take a step back;

Now is your opportunity to build, transform, and strengthen who you are, your skills, your persistence and your confidence.

Seize the opportunity!

Don't wait for things to go wrong. We've all got things to improve. We're not perfect.

I know I've neglected myself. It all started with my momma dying of cancer. The pain was so unbearable I shut down. No pain. I did things I shouldn't have done. I did things I regret. But I woke up.

I'm not above everybody.

So, here's to our path ... to our journey and our new DMA!

Pick of the day

Here's a song I hope inspires you. If nothing else, I hope it makes you smile and tap your feet

Up -- Shania Twain

Well friends, Time to go. I wish you all a good day. Be good to one another and don't take your freedom for granted because it's not a given for everyone to do so.

I know sometimes it's hard ... but you can do this ... take a deep breath ...

one ... two ... three ... go!

SMILE! .... you're on life's candid camera!


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author avatar Asha Desh
16th Sep 2016 (#)

Good DMA plan !
Can be applied to all situations .

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author avatar Linda Poitras
17th Sep 2016 (#)

Thank you Asha

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