What's Your Legacy?

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We lead busy lives and in today's world that is unavoidable. Do you ever take the time to think about what you leave behind? Do you prepare things so as to leave the best of what you have to your loved ones? Take a moment and reflect. What's your legacy?

Good Morning Everybody ...

We all have a heritage, a legacy to pass on. We all have a culture. We were all raised according to them. We were all taught to be good, to be kind, to not be judgmental, to be polite, be respectful. We were also raised as our parents were raised, according to their customs. That kind of heritage goes down from generation to generation.

Anyway, it should. Unfortunately it doesn't and that is sad.

That heritage, these roots, are our foundation. That is the theme of my morning chronicle. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me ...

If you want to build something ...

you need to be sure you have a strong foundation in place. The foundation is most essential since everything rests on it. The world might not see or be amazed by it but without it the world wouldn't see anything.

Nature teaches us a lot about our roots. The tallest trees have the strongest roots. You don't see their roots but you know without a doubt that they are there otherwise the tree wouldn't be standing.

What do we do with our heritage, our foundation? Do we take care of it or do we let it deteriorate with the influence of the world? Is our heritage so meaningless?

When we build a strong foundation in our lives, we might think that it's limiting. Of course keeping and maintaining integrity isn't always fun or easy. Self-discipline often requires sacrifices at the moment.

Having a strong foundation isn't what is limiting.

If anything, it allows you to live life on your terms. The energy, the commitment you put in strengthening your foundation or roots actually gives you support as you grow in your life.

The great thing about today is that it's wide open.You have full of choices and opportunities. If you're not satisfied with your life, today you can take the the first step toward changing it. Today can be a new beginning.

Today you are free and able.

The choices and decisions you make determine what kind of foundation or root system you have. What you start today, changes the course of your life forever.

You've spend your whole life creating and building your personality, your life. Even now, as you sit here reading, you are a work in progress. Everyday you are being fine tuned.

Imagine though, had you no roots, no culture, no heritage. Your personality would vanish.

You would still be you, just as you were on the day you were born, but what would you be? Who would you be? The majority of things you spend your time worrying about or chasing after ... matter to your personality. That personality with roots, a heritage. That which builds our foundation.

Today is your opportunity ...

to make a real positive difference in your life and build something worth passing on as your own heritage to the world. If you build on a strong foundation the heritage you leave behind is one of respect, responsibility towards your own future and the treasures you leave behind for future generations, possibly your own.

For every tree that reaches high into the sky, there are firm rooms. Unseen yet critical. Without roots, the tree would topple over or wither from lack of water and nourishment.

When people look at your accomplishments and your successes ...

they see the tree not the roots. You may make it look easy but lets not fail to realize that all work and preparation in laying a good foundation, the roots system, was hard work and remains a work in progress.

Let your life show the faithful reflection of your inner spirit which was built from your heritage, your roots. Live like who you truly are, with a personality that is good and rich and still in progress.

My pick of the day ...

Before heading off to work, this is a good song about the legacy we leave behind.

So my song of the day is George strait-The Best day

I wish you all a great day. Be good to one another and don't take your freedom for granted because it's not a given for everyone to do so.

Just as an officer leaves his quarter without his weapon ... never leave without yours.

SMILE! .... You're on life's candid camera!


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