What to do when you Find an Injured Stray Cat

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What should you do if you find a cat that has been hit by a car? How to help an injured cat? What to do when you find a stray cat? Learn now in case one day you find an injured stray cat.

Make Sure the Cat is Safe, but Be Careful

Injured animals are often scared and can bite out of fear. They tend to feel vulnerable. As such use care when approaching an injured cat. Ideally cover it with a towel or blanket so it cannot see you (this will make it less likely to try to attack you) and move it out of the way of further danger (such as if the cat was hit by a car) without putting yourself at risk.

If you have a cat carrier, or kennel, putting the cat in there is best. This would be such as in the case where you are at home and a stray cat is hit on the road near your house.

Try to Determine Who Owns the Cat as Quickly as Possible

Try to find the owner. Obviously the owner of the cat will be responsible for making decisions in regards to its care. If the cat was hit on a road in front of another home, ask at the home if they own the cat, or know who does. If you get nowhere from this, then call your local shelter and report finding the cat. They may have a “Lost Cat” report on the kitty.

If there is no known owner, file a “Found Cat” report with the shelter and ask them for instructions on what to do. Depending on where you live, and the injuries to the cat, they may come get it, ask you to take it to a veterinarian (typically they pay the bills if no owner comes forth), or may ask you to bring it to the shelter.

You may also want to post on a local Facebook group, indicating the color of the cat and area it was found injured in the hopes that an owner may be found that way. Indicate that the cat will be taken to the shelter, veterinarian, or whatever the case may be.

What to do with an Injured Stray Cat

First you need to examine the kitty to determine the problem. If you hit it with your car, you pretty much know the cause, and should gently scoop up the cat and rush it to a veterinarian for care. Ideally use a box or carrier to transport it in. If you are lucky you will have a helper in your car that can hold the cat for you, or call the vet ahead of time to alert them.

Do note that if you hit the cat with your car you are not usually responsible to pay for the veterinarian bill, the cat's owner allowed it to go outside thus putting it at risk, however if you knowingly leave it to suffer you might be charged. If you are unable to get it to the veterinarian, or shelter, yourself, the city police or by-law department can usually be called to do this when they have time.

If you found the cat injured, the same thing basically applies, do whatever the local animal shelter instructs you to do, either bring the cat to them, take it to the veterinarian (they will usually call the vet and say you are coming) or have the police or by-law department fetch the cat.


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27th Oct 2015 (#)

Brenda, excellent article and tips. When I was reading this article I couldn't help but think that possibly having a pair of gloves in a vehicle would be wise. I really like the blanket idea and gloves would be extra protection. Thanks for sharing such a valuable article. I'm going to share it on twitter.

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29th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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