What to look for when buying a used car

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Do you want to know how to buy a good used car? There are many things to look for.

Where to look for cars

Buy it from people you know

The best way to buy a good used car is to buy it from people you know because they won't lie about the condition of the car and they can give you a discount. You can ask your friends or family for a recommendation. I'm sure someone will want to sell their car and buy a new one. Usually this is the best way since you can get a good car for a good deal so ask around.


The dealers are a good place to buy used car too since a lot of people trade in cars and you can get a good one if the condition is not so bad. There are so many people out there who lease new car all the time so you might get a decent car with a decent price. Dealers usually fix up the car before they sell it cause it's a requirement for dealers so the car is safer than buying it on the internet. The cars usually come with a certification that it has been inspected for safety and fixed up. It might cost a little more but it's worth it since it has been fixed already which might cost you the same if you were to buy a car that need to be fixed anyways.

You can ask you local dealers about decent used cars but do bargain with them and don't buy at the price that they ask. Make sure you bargain it cheaper and walk away to see if they will lower the price. Next, you need to inspect the car for yourself since you can't trust any sellers nowadays.

Where to look for cars


Craigslist is a large community of car sellers from dealers to owners so you do get a wide selections. However, cars on Craigslist needed to be expect carefully for non working internal parts. Most cars on Craigslist have something wrong with them or that the owner bought a new car. If you buy it, make sure it has a smog certificate and make sure you have it look at by a professional or someone who knows car. An experienced person can tell if the car has internal problems by test driving it and inspecting the hood.

If you know about cars, then it's fine for you to buy on Craigslist, but if you don't, you should bring someone who knows about car along for safety. If there are illegal sellers like mom and pops car dealers, make sure you get all the right paper work and that it has a smog certificate and that you test drive the car. It's also wise to look up the market value of the car. A lot of prices on Craigslist are more than what the car is appraised at.

The internet

There are also many dealers that have cars listings on the internet, you can check it out on Google to see if you can find the car that you like.


If you live in place like LA, CA, there are plenty of cars auction open to the public.
If you know cars, you can buy one and fix it up and you will reap more profit that way, but you have to know cars or know someone who owns a car shop who can fix it up for you for less.


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23rd May 2013 (#)

The inspection certification only said that car was in good condition on that day at a certain hour. Anything can happen few hours later or few days later. It is a good idea to drive that car for about half an hour, and look for a safe place to pull it up suddenly and see if all the brake drums and the disk pads are working properly.
If the owner allows you to do it, keep the car stationary but run the engine for fifteen minutes to see if the cooling system is functioning properly, and at the same time, listen to any unnatural rubbing sound.

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That sounds good

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