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This is totally based on my experience, there is no statistics that I can prove, but to my experience and research, this is what works, and what doesn't on wikinut. The articles you will see the most, the articles which get rejected and compared to other writing sites.

What is most liked on wikinut, what will get the most viewers?

The truth i most of article viewers are from wikinut community, most readers are Wikinut members.
If you want to get a large number of viewers, just seek the ongoing trend on wikinuts, by this I mean,at the time you are going to write an article, have a quick look at most recent articles and most popular articles at the time, many viewers browse a topic they read. If they find your article, they will read it.
What is most famous or all time favorite here?
1.About Wikinut - Many viewers are guaranteed
2.Some kind of positive philosophy or morality - I found it weird but some article of this kind will always be on the index page. Its good, its weird because that ind of trend is not so common on the internet.
3.Music and poems - Many people are writing poems or music lyrics here, there are literally every genre music lovers on this site.
4.Internet - That is true everywhere, if you write about something of use on the internet it will get many views.
5.Globally popular topics - Popular topics such as how to, recipes, food, wine, seo, automobiles, books etc are popular everywhere on the internet.

Which article would get rejected here?

Its one of the best things about Wikinuts, just about everything is accepted here, if it has some quality, of course, no spam articles will ever get accepted.
But there are a few that won't be accepted
1.Describing a specific topic in full detail. (these topics belong to forums) Only topics that can be read by general public are published here.
2.Short articles, I mean very short, a few lines
3.Copyright content, you can but if it is clearly in violation, it gets rejected or sometimes they will mark your article as star page if you provide references to images. Image copyright is taken more seriously here.
4.Adult or Illegal content

How many viewers do you get?

I have written 25 articles from the first day there has been about 200 views everyday, when it was 1 article and when its 25, but when you write a new article, number of viwers increase the next day by about 200. It has been over a month I think since I have joined Wikinuts.

Difference between wikinuts and other

Wikinuts would feel better, your articles are respected and the community is very active, if you search over the web, a lot of people praise wikinuts community to be better than others. To my experience, they are helpful, suggestions and comments are very common here, even the higher level members frequently visit your pages and comment.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
10th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks for the great tips.

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author avatar Retired
11th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting and useful bit of research, Vkg.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing your views vkg. Wikinut has a lovely community and that matters a lot to me especially the interaction. I am happy with the views I get - about 2000 a week for each article I post - siva

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author avatar Retired
8th Nov 2014 (#)

Some interesting ideas here!

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