What you need to Know to Land an Airplane in an Emergency

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The basic fundamentals you need to get an airplane safely on the ground.

Responding quickly to the emergency

First of all, this guide is for emergency purposes only. it is not intended for anything other than a last resort. It is important that you always remain calm. If this situation ever arises, make a point to ask around the passengers to see if there is a certified pilot on board the aircraft. If there is a certified pilot let this person handle the situation Experience is always a help. If there is not a pilot, then you should be prepared to handle the situation the best you can

Locate the "yoke" (stick) directly in front of the chair, This is the main control, if you pull towards you will go up, if you push away from you, you will go downward, that's the basic of maintaining flight, but in order to land you will need to do a little more. Keep this centered unless you are descending (falling) in which case you may understand the need to pull up and level off quickly.

Next locate the altitude indicator usually directly on the console, This will more than likely show a small image of a plane in relation to a straight horizontal line, this is used so the pilot can tell the relative level of the plane wings, use this to level off the plane if needed. It is important to note that flying alters ones perception of the ground, Do not try to fly by what you see on the ground, trust the instrument panel.

Now, locate the airspeed indicator, you must keep up speed to keep flying, if the airspeed is dropping locate the throttles (the largest levers on the console) and slowly increase the airspeed until it is stable.

** These steps have should have settled any emergency to keep a stable flight**

The Landing Process

Now it gets a little more difficult, once the immediate emergency has been cleared, locate the radio. This will put you in touch with people who will be able to help you more than anything else (and refresh your memory of this guide)
The radio should already be on the active frequency, if it is not switch to 121.5 the emergency frequency, the push to talk button should be on the yoke. Push the button and state you are in an emergency situation, you will get an answer. Wait for a reply and follow instructions given

**The instructions given over the radio should supersede any from this guide**

Locate the compass in front of you, once you are given a course heading, turn to that heading this means you need to turn until the given degrees are showing in the compass. You may need to change directions many times to accurately line up with a landing field. The ground crews will inform you of what exactly you need to do..

Once you are told to do so, decrease the airspeed to the minimum instructed by the ground crew. Extend the flaps once you’re lined up with the airfield use the yoke to maintain a level or slightly nose up position and allow the plane to settle on the ground softly.
Do NOT aim towards the ground, it is better for the back to touch first. Hold on tight once you touch and keep the plane moving straight. Apply the brakes fully once all the wheels are down, they must be down or you will cause a turn.
The brakes will bring the plane to a stop,and then wait for ground crews to instruct an exit and follow the instructions given.

Hopefully you never have to do this, but it never hurts to be familiar with an idea


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