When Life Gets Hard, Seek Harder Solutions That Work!

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When life gets hard as it often will, seek harder solutions that work harder to solve the problem, not easier solutions that work easy or too simple, do what wants and needs to be done without procrastinating. That will make sense as I go on with this series of sections.

How to be patient with speed and alacrity:

Make a decision fast, and stick to it until it is slowly and precisely done right and fully. I know that sounds sort of hard, but it is the best way to get things genuinely done. Sure, life has its twists, turns, and turn around moments that are unplanned, and even unexpected. But, the best decisions are made quickly and stuck to with patience, understanding and tolerance until they are fulfilled to our satisfaction.

On the other hand, a decision made slowly and not stuck to and changed fast can be the worst thing in existence. In fact, indecisiveness is genuinely missing the mark when it comes to getting things genuinely done right.

Reality and its demands

We must live with consideration of what it takes to fulfill the demands of reality. This is genuinely a part of carving your own productive destiny in life. If you truly want to be consciously destructive: Just live in a genuine fantasy world. I know, I have been accused of this until I got results in life that proved otherwise.

So, think about this fact, the most powerful people live in reality. They do not let negative mysticism imbue them with fear, and loathing of reality. Indeed, to win, life is a mental discipline that requires full focus on reality. The ultimate form of negative mysticism in my opinion (and probably in complete fact) is drinking alcohol and recreational drug use to "escape" reality. You usually come back to reality, and it is usually worst, physically by hangover or mentally by being addled or spiritually, reality has still not been dealt with. Reality must dealt with to work right anyhow.

It is impossible to succeed without really doing, let alone trying

To do and do right is the highest reality of anyone, person, place, thing or noun that is conscious. With that said, I also say this: Life really is as good as anyone makes it for themselves as "thought attracts what it is directed to" and "like attracts like", to take quotes from Claude M. Bristol and Charles F. Haanel. We must be before we do and then have when life and existence is really understood. At least that is the order the person of integrity does everything.


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9th Jan 2016 (#)

great advice

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