When To and When not To Compose a Song

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Do you know when is the perfect time to compose a song and when is the worst time to compose a song?

Do you Love Music?

If you love listening to Music and you can play an musical instrument then there's a big possibility that you also love composing a song and because you do love composing a song this content might help you a bit to make your songs better.

Keep this in mind, what you feel is the most important thing when it comes to composing a song and don't you ever try to make a song if you're in a bad mood because you'll just make a messy sound and lyrics and that will destroy your mood even worse.

There are Three Ways To make A Song

There are three ways to make a song and i call that "Composer's Magic" and those ways of making a song are Research, Observe and Use the Feeling and Emotion.


You are going to search for what's happening in the world for example about the corruption, the dying world or the wars and many more. You'll study every single information about that and make a song in where you are going to put the words that you wanna say.


You are going to observe the surroundings and the people around you for example your friend just got married, you'll see how happy the new married couple is and you'll imagine what do i feel when i marry the one that i love the most? From that you will be able to write a very nice song.

Use your Feelings and Emotion

In this one you are going to use your feelings and emotion for example, you have a girl that you love so much but you can't say the word t her or your girl broke up with you and it hurts you so much. From those things you will be able to write a song with full of emotion and feelings.

Important Tips To keep in Mind

Be sure to read this tips because it may be a help to you and i know that you will be able to use it in the songs that you will be making in the future.

If the theme of song that you are making is sad then your music must be sad too but this doesn't being applied always because some composer use happy music in their sad songs because they want the listeners to learn from those hurtful experience.

Your choice of words must be pretty good because some people do not listen to those songs with bad choice of words and if you could make a rhyming words at the end of every lines then do it because it will make your song good for the ears.

Make the title of your song catchy and easy to memorize specially when you are going to upload it in the internet because if your song's title was so hard to remember then if the listener wants to listen to your song again but forgot the title of your song then there's a big possibility that the person who wants to listen to your song will not disturb itself just to find your song. And if the title of your song isn't catchy your song will receive less clicks.


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