Where To Find The Cheapest Deals On Cars

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Buying a cheap car requires a bit of thought and effort

Do your homework

When the time arrives to purchase a new automobile every wise consumer realizes the need to find the cheapest deals on cars, but often the truth in the real price of a car can be disguised by car dealers quite easily. The small "add-ons" that may be on the sticker price - the items that most car dealers will adamantly maintain are simply passed on the the consumer from the manufacturer are nothing more than a tool to elevate the overall cost of a car while presenting some rationality for the increase. The first and foremost way to find the cheapest deals on cars is to know exactly what you want in a car in the way of "extras" before ever setting foot onto a car dealer's lot. A consumer that often begins searching to purchase basic transportation can find themselves several thousand dollars over their intended budget by deviating from the original game plan. Rule number one is to buy what you need and can comfortably afford regardless of the sales pitch.

To find the cheapest deals on cars requires a fair amount of work, both online while possible and in person in many instances. On the purchase of a new car, a consumer that is willing to put in the appropriate effort can create considerable savings simply by playing one car dealer against another. For example if a consumer desires a certain make and model with specific accessories it is a smart move to contact every dealer in the local area that carries the automobile. First, get a price quote for the auto in question and then contact other dealers to obtain their best prices. It will become clear very quickly that the price range will vary considerably. Next, contact each car dealer and let them each know what the lowest price was to see if it can be matched or at the least to see how their deal can be sweetened. This simple method will reveal which dealer truly has the lowest price on the car of your choice.

Lastly, to find the cheapest deals on cars also requires that a consumer examine the car financing agreement closely and understand exactly what the associated cost to the car will be. Take your time when calculating the numbers and look at the purchase in the long term, as a single percentage point can sometimes mean a thousand dollars or more added to the sticker price of a particular car over the course of the finance agreement.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
8th Oct 2010 (#)

good info, by the way be sure to read the notes I send when moderating.. I added some particularly helpful ones on your cat hoarding one.

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author avatar Denise O
8th Oct 2010 (#)

Coming from a wife of a car salesman, I have to say...
Good job, great advice for all that is looking.
The having your ducks in a row, also helps the salesman.
Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Pinkchic18
8th Oct 2010 (#)

Great job on this article. Growing up surrounded by the car industry, I know exactly how that goes and it does make it extremely helpful if you know exactly what you want. Great job.

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author avatar Denise O
9th Oct 2010 (#)

Thom, thank you for commenting on one of my articles.
As you know, when I first started writing here...
Once published, you couldn't edit and re-publish that piece.
I have been using this site these last few months, as my school of hard knocks.
I just re-did that piece you commented on and I am
now waiting for it to be re-published.
I now see so many mistakes in my first of articles.
It make me sick people are reading them.:)
The story is the same, the writer just changed.
Thank you once again.

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author avatar Thom W. Conroy
10th Oct 2010 (#)

You are very welcome Denise...I've written several thousand articles that have been published and when I go back and look at some of them I get sick - it's possible to find something new that was overlooked every time you read them. Don't let it drive you nuts, just roll with it.

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