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Today I want to express my views on the Ego, and other issues about the individual self awareness.

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It certainly isn't wrong to think of yourself in life... It might only be a wrong thing when it comes from the mighty EGO!! Only when we notice our ego and release it, we will then find peace and true happiness.

Most things that happen around us in our everyday life, can really encourage the ego to kick in and take over our way of thinking. Even though, it is a great thing to put our self and our needs first before anything else. We all hold the key to our own happiness and ego gets in our way of finding that key! In life people will put us down but the choice is ours to let it effect us or not. We could welcome the ego's negative approach on situations and get even, or put our self first and remove negative people and situations from our life to make room for happier surroundings. Ego brings thought provoking ways of thinking like revenge, but revenge just brings more negativity, unhappiness and obstacles onto our path that wasn't necessary... plus it makes a vicious negative circle. So really analyse our past ways of situations and ask was that me or my ego acting? Jealousy is one of the most horrid things ego puts us through, its such a fear based thing that causes a lot of hate in life... If jealousy is an issue you have, seek ways stop yourself from feeling this as it does you more harm then good!

Through out my life, I have been hurt a lot because of peoples egos. Some of the things that people can create from this fear based thinking is completely unacceptable. Something I have always reminded myself of is the way people have made me feel... Why on earth would I do and make someone else feel that way, just because it was done to me... NO way!! I refuse to have people pull me into their darkness, I would rather shed them some of my light.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
22nd Mar 2014 (#)

You cannot give your power over to others..does not work at all...

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author avatar Jennifer lee
22nd Mar 2014 (#)

I don't think I was referring to any form of power being handed over to anyone, but you are right that no one can take others powers.

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author avatar Nancy Austin
24th Apr 2015 (#)

I'm glad to hear someone who realizes the negative side of EGO.

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