Which Person Would You Have More Sympathy For?

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Imagine you were a customer in a retail store and the sales person was rude to you and clearly having a bad day. Would it make any difference to you if the person was old or young, or if the reason they were having a bad day was one you could sympathize with?

Customers are More Likely To Complain about Poor Customer Service from a Young Employee

Imagine two employees, one older, and one teenager. If both acted the same way in terms of not giving excellent service due to having a bad day (not over the top rude, but not friendly either) more people would complain about the teenager than the older person.

Perhaps they fear that the older person is the business owner and they are too intimidated by that person to complain. I have noticed that people are far more likely to complain about people who are younger than themselves rather than those who are more mature.

Perhaps they think that the teen is just being a typical ignorant teen and they have not given any thought to why the teenager is having a bad day or giving poor customer service.

Let's Compare Scenarios, Who Would You Be Sympathetic To?

In all these scenarios we are talking about the exact same poor customer service, not a rude person, just a person who is indifferent because they are having a bad day. It should be noted that in theory people who work with the public should "Leave their problems at home" but the reality is that for some people this is very difficult.

Who would you sympathize with most, and be most understanding of?

*The teenager who is having a bad day because her boyfriend of 2 years just left her.

*The teenager who is having a bad day because her best friend committed suicide only a day earlier.

*The teenager who is having a bad day because while they are at work, their mother is taking their old family dog to the veterinarian to be euthanized.

*The teenager who is having a bad day because they just got turned down for the college they wanted to go to.

*The teenager who is having a bad day because their parents are getting a divorce.

*The teenager who is having a bad day because they know that while they are at work their parents are drinking, fighting, and hurting each other.

*The mature woman who is having a bad day because her husband left her.

*The mature person who is having a bad day because their car broke down on the way to work.

*The mature person who is having a bad day because their house was foreclosed on.

*The mature person who is having a bad day because they have a child who is sick at home.

*The mature person who is having a bad day because they just dropped their expensive phone in the toilet.

*The mature person whose parent is laying in a hospital bed dying.

Why Can't We Be Sympathetic To All Others?

We all have issues in our life. Why can't we just be more sympathetic and understanding of other people's issues too?

For sure it is always great when somebody who works in customer service is friendly and happy, but putting on a fake smile is very difficult for some people.

I work with people who have all sorts of issues in their lives, some hide them better then others. I very much dislike it when people are told to "leave their problems at home". For some people their problems are their home! For some people being at home with their problems is impossible, work is their escape, it takes their mind off their reality, if only in a small way.

For sure we should also remember our own teenage years and remember how even minor issues seemed larger than life; ultra serious and mega important.

We need to be sympathetic and understanding of customer service workers who are not over-the-top-friendly all the time. We need to realize that other people have bad days too and should not be expected to live their lives in denial of whatever reality they are going through.


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author avatar SaigonDeManila
11th Aug 2015 (#)

I go for "The teenager ...with best friend commited suce earlier" while the rest are croos from mediocre to earth bound depressing-losing a friend (at suicide at that) is such big burden tto bear and contemplate upon. A friend comes outside e our family circle they came first before our spouse even career. To lose them tragically and we are not there to at least make a difference its such a hollow of complete nothingness questioning what could've we offer.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Then all deserve our understanding, we need to be a more compassionate society.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Brenda, I agree with Mark. I really do feel that we need to show more compassion for everyone. This is a great article and I hope everyone learns from it. I don't think anyone has all the information about someone they are dealing with, and we need to show a caring attitude to everyone. Who knows maybe we will change the course of a day for a person, if we use compassion.

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