Who Am I Arguing With when I Disagree With Myself?

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Do you have a unified identity, how many faces can one person have, how to get all that chatter to one voice that is yours.

If There Is Only One of Me, Who Am I Arguing With?

Many people don't stop to think about the fact that they are not one person with one identity. If you watch your own behavior you will notice that your values and behavior are a bit different with different people. Spend a little time noticing your own actions and the thinking behind them when; with men, with women, a police officer, in school, (if you attend one) In public, paying taxes, and going to church, (if you go)? The way you think, talk and react in the moment in each of these situations will most likely be noticeably different? Why, because our goals are frequently less centered around who we are (maintaining our identity) than they are around being viewed favorably and getting what we want.

If you consider each of the above questions honestly, the likely answer is yes i I am different in different situations. Ok, so if you've read this far, you know my belief about why we change our behavior under different circumstances, do you notice the differences in yourself? Think hard about your answer then, Post it, tell me, tell us, join in the conversation. Be concise and honest, be anonymous if you need to but be honest.

How Many Voices Do You Have?

Have you ever lain down for the night and heard an argument between your thoughts about the day and your actions? How about tried to mediate these disagreements and review ways that your actions could be; viewed, understood, misunderstood, justified, judged acceptable, judged unacceptable, hurt you or your relationships or job? If you have, who's voice(s) are you hearing? Which one are you? Are you the mediator or the judge or both? Can you change the channel and not hear this noise? How does the entire process feel. Finally, going back to my purpose in writing all of these pages, what can you learn from these speakers about your real identity?

We'll talk soon. : )


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CEO and owner of business concerns in the Industrial instrumentation field, followed by a career change, returned to college for an MA psych then 20 years in mental health & correctional counseling.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
19th Jun 2013 (#)

May I suggest that you leave your correctional counselling at the door when you go home , and refuse to pick it up til you are back at work . !! You might get a peaceful night's sleep then , undisturbed .
Bless you

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author avatar pndrgn99
23rd Jun 2013 (#)

I'm not sure that I understand your comment, are you suggesting that talking about learning to feel is correctional counseling? No one ever taught me and many people have asked me to offer support for feelings. FYI I actually sleep like a rock from about two minutes fter my head hits the pillow untill I wake. By the way were you relating a feeling in your comment?

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