Why Blogs Are Vital to Online Marketing and How You Can Set Yours Up for Success

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A blog is so much more than just a bandwagon, and should definitely ramp up its role in your marketing strategy.

Why Blogs Are Vital to Online Marketing and How You Can Set Yours Up for Success

If you’ve got a blog for your business, and view it only as a necessity to get with the times, you are missing out on a lot. A blog is so much more than just a bandwagon, and should definitely ramp up its role in your marketing strategy. Blogs are and should be the very heart of any brand’s content marketing system because they pave the way for social media sharing, search engine marketing, and sales.

Why You Should Do It

This is why maintaining a blog for content marketing is so vital.

Owned media: With a blog, you own every aspect of your content, from the design to the reach. You aren’t dependent on a platform like Twitter or LinkedIn and its whims related to UI and audience.
Sharing: Sharing is just a small aspect of what makes blogs such a great social platform. You have comments, guest posts, and a bunch of other things which allow you to build a targeted community and effectively market your content.
Search-Optimization Friendly: Blogs are extremely SEO-friendly. You could focus articles on specific phrases, link to internal or external content, and handle all sorts of other SEM aspects of your content.
Drive Sales: One of the best ways to drive sales is to write posts about how your products can be used or services can be availed, and provide as much information as you can to the target audience. This way, you are able to show them the utility of what you offer and also link to your product pages so they are able to buy it right away.

How You Can Do It

Here are some solid tips to make your blog content marketing magnet:

Build a Solid Foundation

It is very important that you build a solid foundation on your blog so that you can use it as a launch pad for all future marketing campaigns. Set it up properly, using your own URL and not a free account. Get a self-hosted WordPress blog if possible. WordPress is free to download and easy to set up on your server. The blog should be integrated into the website, and you should have someone from IT handling the back end so that they can extend support related to any technical needs or issues.

Identify Your Target Audience

You’ve already lost if you don’t know who you’re selling your things to. You have to identify a target demographic, understand their interests and reading habits and reach out specifically. It could be a good idea to have different blogs with different personas if you are hitting different audiences.

Coming Up with a Great Content Marketing Plan

There are a lot of individual components to look into when it comes to creating a good marketing plan. The first is mapping out all your events and deciding how to promote them. Consider holidays, seasons, festivals, annual events and anything that can be used as a hook for good content. Also show your participation in conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and so on. It will also do you a world of good to decide the content offerings you want to create like webinars, conference talks, and eBooks.

A blog is no less than a magazine, so you should think up a proper structure, covering certain things regularly like a news roundup and sections for interviews and customer rewards. Manage the creation process through a scheduler or a calendar.

Content Optimization Is a Must

Your job is not done just because you have finished writing the content. You need to make it really more attractive to your guests. You need to optimize your content for boosting your business. Your target audience must be able to correlate your content with your company. The elements that need to be considered are voice, colors, sounds, text presentation, visual representation, and even language.

Concentrate on a keyword phrase for each post. Include both external and internal links and do not forget to add search-friendly text that is just right for the non-text content.

Content Formatting Essential for Facilitating Consumption

You must attract more and more readers by providing easy to access and easy to read content. Content should be divided into small organized chunks of information. Use attractive photographs to grab attention and use bold type for guiding readers. Include nice and relevant photographs to steal the show.

Plan Your Content Promotion Well

You can’t just publish your content and expect it to enjoy wide viewership immediately; all content has to be backed up with an effective promotion. You should set up automatic content delivery by giving followers an option to receive posts directly through feeds and email. Share the content across all your social media platforms, especially the ones most frequented by your target audience. Keep accessible social sharing buttons too.


It isn’t easy to get a blog up and running but is very rewarding once you are done. You must allocate resources in terms of money as well as creative talent into your blog to ensure it is audience-friendly, high-quality, and top-notch. Track your content marketing schemes to see what is working and what isn’t, and make smart decisions based on these metrics.


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