Why Buying A Le vian White Gold Ring is a Good Investment

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A white gold ring is beautiful, but if you're wearing it every day, it will need a face lift.

It's surprising how many women know what white gold isn't

Diamond rings set in white gold are a sight to behold. White gold makes the diamonds in your ring stand out, and why wouldn't you want to put your diamonds in the best possible light?

But what you may not know is that the sheen on your ring (especially the band) will wear off in time. If it's your wedding ring it might lose its luster around the second year of your marriage. It’s surprising how many women do not know exactly what white gold is, or more specifically what it isn’t.

The white gold today is ‘gold of a different color’.

Ever wonder why your white gold is no longer white?
White gold contains varying amounts of gold, but sometimes copper, zinc or silver are added to lighten its color. White gold in its natural state can be gray, dull brown or even pale pink.

All white gold jewelry seen today is rhodium metal plated. (Rhodium is a precious metal that is 5x to 25x the price of gold.)

The cost of having your ring dipped in rhodium can be a little pricey; up to $40 to $50---depending on the thickness. A thin coat will wear off after a few months.
The rhodium plating required for ‘wedding ring thickness’ is super thin somewhere between .75 to l.50 microns. To put that in perspective- the thickness of one hair on your head is 100 microns.

If you have your heart set on white gold settings for rings worn every day, you might want to consider buying a Le Vian piece.

Le Vian is a famous family-owned company that's been making jewelry for over 500 years.
You’ll see Le Vian jewelry worn by women who walk the red carpet as well as women who walk to corner grocery store. Whether you like chocolate diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or semi precious gems like amethyst, green quartz, tanzanite, citrine, or turquoise, Le Vian probably has a ring with your name on it.

Once you purchase your Le Vian ring, you’ll be given something that worth its weight in gold---and that is your "Certificate of Authenticity and Quality Assurance”. It is a piece of paper that says there is a free replacement or repair of any Le Vian piece…which becomes defective in normal uses for the life-time of the piece. This also includes having your white gold ring rhodium plated when it begins to wear off.

If you like white gold, and hesitate because of the cost of having the gold dipped in rhodium every year or so, you might want to check out what Le Vian has to offer.
It's an investment that won't wear off.


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8th May 2012 (#)

Gold is always precious, and risky too, and it's less valuable when you like to sell it and valuable when you buy!

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