Why Buying Art is Like Dating

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Quick and simple tips for the novice art collector.

Why Buying Art is Like Dating

Buying art is an investment, but it is also the start of a relationship that at its best will be long-term and satisfying or it could be a passionate, but quick fling. Here are some quick tips to find those pieces that will lead to a lifelong commitment.

Figure out what you want.

People buy art for many reasons, but before you look for art you need to know what you want and why. If you want to make an investment you need to research the market to see what is selling now and upcoming trends. Looking at what sells at auctions is a good barometer. And you can also gauge sales and popularity by creating a Google alert for an artist or genre of art that interests you. Once you understand historical values and current prices you will have a better sense of what pieces are likely to retain their value.

Get what you like.

This may seem obvious, but many people look to others to tell them what they are supposed to like because they don’t trust they know what art is good. However, you are the one who has to live with it, and even if you are buying for an investment, if you don’t like the art it will start to feel like an unwelcome guest in your home.

Love at first sight doesn’t mean it’s the one.

This may sound strange, but if you fall head over heels for a piece of art don’t buy it. Wait. Like in dating you may meet someone and have an instant attraction, but that attraction may fade as quickly as it appeared and you’ll discover you aren’t really compatible at all.

You need more than pretty face.

Finding beauty in art is important, but you also need art that stimulates you emotionally and intellectually. If you see a piece that you aren’t sure you like, but can’t stop thinking about it then that is a piece you should consider buying. Art that challenges you leads to a deeper connection for years to come as you keep discovering new things you like about it.

Take risks.

Don’t only buy art by already famous and well-liked artists, but also buy pieces by emerging or lesser-known artists. Every artist started as an unknown until they had that one person who believed in them and helped take them to the next step in their career. You can be their champion and have the benefit of owning their early work that will only increase in value.

Find your mate.

So approach buying art much like finding a mate, look for a piece that you are not only attracted to, but want to live with for a long time to come. However, unlike a potential mate, it’s okay if your family or friends don’t like it.


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17th Sep 2013 (#)

Nice to read your unique post and perspective on buying art. Thank you Jennifer - siva

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