Why Do We Want Plants In Our Homes?

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Designing with houseplants will remind you of the wilderness and of the beauty and diversity of this incredible planet.

Why Have Plants In Your Home?

Why do we want plants in our homes? If we're looking for a particular shape, texture, and color, wouldn't something else- a piece of furniture, an urn, or a basket-do as well? The answer is a resounding no. Although most objects could probably be replaced by other objects of similar size, shape, and color, the only substitute that comes close to plants is sculpture.
Plants create a dynamic three-dimensional shape, and within patterns. In a spare interior with primary colors and hard-edge furniture, plants add softness and detail. The "country look" is dependent on plants, and a solarium without a profusion of plants is like an empty greenhouse.
Part of the rationale for including plants in a design scheme is the shock value. When you consider it, bringing the great outdoors inside is a bold notion in today's high-tech society. It would be quite understandable if someone unfamiliar with our traditions wondered why there was a fir tree in the living room. In our casual acceptance of the Christmas tree, we forget how remarkable it is.
Another aspect of the shock value is the contrast between natural and slick furnishings. Art Deco designers of the Twenties included primitive carvings in sumptuously furnished interiors to make lacquer and ivory accessories seem even more refined. Plants can serve the same purpose.
Finally, there is the issue of life itself! plants add life and warmth to interiors, and the fact that they are living things enhances their contribution to our spaces. If shape alone were the primary consideration, sculpture would suffice. If pattern were the only requirement, plastic plants or dried flowers would do. If contrast were the major design intent, decorative accessories would suffice.


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author avatar Songbird B
6th Jul 2011 (#)

A warm welcome to Wikinut, TracyAnne. Please ignore the spam above, it is a problem that we all face, and Wikinut are trying to do something about it. A great first article, and I couldn't agree more. I am a real plant lover...A really informative read...

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
6th Jul 2011 (#)

It is always great to give a plant a home. People with yards should try to incorporate plants outdoors too and have more than just grass.

I have several indoor houseplants, some do better than others.

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author avatar jayababy
6th Jul 2011 (#)

hi Tracy-Anne, welcome to to Wikinut. I enjoyed reading your article. I too have a very big garden and love to spend sometime with plants.

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author avatar Maria Malone
6th Jul 2011 (#)

Hi TracyAnn, Good read and I agree, plants definitely add life and warmth to interiors, Well done!

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
8th Jul 2011 (#)

Hello TracyAnn,

Welcome to Wikinut! Hope you're enjoying!

I like the way you introduced the art of plantation at homes esp. with the "shock value", which sounds novel.

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author avatar Denise O
10th Jul 2011 (#)

TracyAnn, welcome to wikinut. I wish I was more like my mama in one aspect, having a green thumb. That trait was never passed down to me. I have never been successful with indoor plants now, I do great with my outdoor plants though, unreal huh. Maybe one day I will realize what it is I am actually doing wrong and add some shock value to my household. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
17th Jul 2011 (#)

Indoor plants bring our homes alive. Great share, TracyAnn, and welcome to wikinut.

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author avatar Katrina
21st Jul 2011 (#)

Great Article. I enjoyed reading it. Plants definitely increase the indoor atmosphere and make it more good..

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