Why Fashion and Lifestyle are friends.

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An insight into the meaning of fashion and how lifestyle is closely associated.

Interpreting Fashion

The way in which we interpret fashion has very diverse connotations depending on where you are situated in the world, from East to West every culture has established different conceptions of the term fashion. Attempting to put a concrete definition on the word would be an almost impossible task. Designed to be in the current fashion but not necessarily to stand the test of time, the industry as a whole and the definition of the word fashion changes so frequently and drastically that the word itself really has no boundaries.

Loosely rationalising the term fashion as an expression should acknowledge how an individual extends a statement of their personality, demonstrating the way in which they choose to project their visual identity to the world and the lifestyle they embrace.

How Fashion met Lifestyle

So often you hear the term Fashion and Lifestyle housed under one roof, considering they each encapsulate similar aspects regarding the way in which an individual portrays themselves to society, it is a well associated friendship. The lifestyle you choose to live reflects a set of attitudes, habits or possessions associated with a person or collective. Lifestyle is heavily influenced by the way in which an individual chooses to follow fashion (if at all) because someone may deem the way in which you conduct your personal lifestyle as fashionable or desirable, likewise, they may also think the opposite.

Essentially, lifestyle brands operate on the ideology that each individual makes a conscious decision to forge an identity based on the life choices and experiences they are exposed to. Focussing on evoking emotional connections and responses between a consumer and the desire to affiliate with a specific group or culture is what drives the attraction to associate lifestyle with fashion.

A Blossoming Relationship

In recent years the concept of fashion and lifestyle has driven brands to focus a great deal of energy on developing new ideologies designed to influence consumers to adopt a way of life that best represents a specific creed and culture. The significance of defining a concise ideology for one’s lifestyle has been heavily influenced by the ability to share experiences and hunt for inspiration online. The overwhelming success of blogs, vlogs and social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram has had a great impact upon the industry and created increased exposure to those wanting to gain insight.

The ability for users to share their own lifestyle experiences and personal views has thoroughly bridged the gap between fashion and lifestyle, enabling innovators to contribute insights into a world that enthusiasts have never before been given such conclusive access to until now. This is the early stages of a completely interactive and accessible way of reaching your audience and offering insights in to the lifestyle associated with the fashion you choose to follow.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Nov 2015 (#)

Nice article, thought provoking.

We have progressed from the basics to a higher aesthetic level. Some have an eye for the latest trend in fashion but I keep everything in balance - siva

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