Why Internet Blogs are Overrated

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Blogging, the best thing since sliced-bread - so they say. The on-line journals, diaries, that can tailored to your preferences; blogs have indeed become popular on the Internet. But do they really justify the hype?

Why Internet Blogs are Overrated

While blogging allows authors to submit content on-line, in the form of blog entries, this was nothing that could not be done before them. Granted, while a web-blog is easier to set-up, web-sites have also become increasingly easy to create and have hosted via web design software like Front Page.

Likewise, an author can do more with a personal web-site than a personal blog. While it is true that web-blogs are becoming more customizable, web-sites are 100% customizable; especially for those more proficient with Java and html. With a web-site, you have the full array of multimedia available while blogs can display video and pictures. However, how these pictures and video are displayed can be limited.

You can only do so much with a web-blog, with blog entries and templates. Web-sites have greater depth, with multiple pages and design features.

Let us not forget also, that not all blog providers are free. Some, like TypePad, have monthly subscription - which can be as high as $90 US dollars for business class! So for everything TypePad blogging offers, it will not come free.

Start to talk about blog revenue, and that might be one cornerstone of their popularity. For example Blogspot now has Google AdSense, which can give users the chance to gain revenue from ads displayed on their blogs. However, not all blog providers offer such schemes. In fact, quite a few do not.

Likewise, such schemes rely on traffic to really work. And how much traffic does the average blog gain? Without much user input the majority of blogs lie redundant, with little or no traffic passing through them. Such a scenario can materialize even for authors who update their blogs fairly often. Blogging without any traffic is not so much fun, and likewise will not be a revenue winner either.

No doubt, blogging can be fun and does have its benefits if you can gain some traffic. Without that though, it is not so good and it might be better to have a private blog only.

Such things do take the shine of blogging somewhat. It is perhaps not surprising that a large number of blogs are redundant, empty and inactive. As such blogging might be a touch overrated, considering these drawbacks.


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