Why Is Your Author Website Static?

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Frustrating Static Pages
There’s nothing more frustrating than not seeing updates on your website. You new book information that needs to be on it isn’t. Why is it not there? You’re losing sales when it’s not up there for the world to buy it. Why is your Author Website static?

Your Author Website

You hired a webmaster to do your website. Congratulations, you’re on the right path to getting your books out there for your readers to buy. You took the time to help your webmaster create your website. The time-consuming meeting where you chose color, theme, language, images, and wording. And now your site is Static, it hasn’t been updated in weeks. What’s up with that? Here is an author website with information about their work and books.

Webmasters Do What They Can With What They're Given

Your webmaster is not going to guess what you want. He should not do anything on his own without you approving it first. The information on a website is very personal to you as an author. When you helped your webmaster create your website you gave him the information to put on there. You provided the images, the wording (you’re the writer), the colors and the links to where your books are sold. Your webmaster can only do what he can with what you give him. The Ghoster works with you on your website until you're satisfied. Find someone that can take the time to do so and have access to their own website.

So Why Is It Static?

Here’s a question you need to answer. Did you give him updates? Are you keeping him informed? Are you providing accurate information? Is he waiting for you to make a decision on something important? Are you keeping him waiting for the right moment? There is no right moment like the present.

Keep Your Webmaster Informed

Call her and see what she may need because you might not have provided her with the right information. Double check her word, especially the written information and links. If you sent her the information with typos or wrong information, she does not have time to guess and double check for you. You’re paying her to place the information that you give her on to the website. That’s all she’s responsible for. Look at it as though she’s Copying your information and Pasting it on the website. Literally that’s how it works.

You’re Responsible

The responsibility on accurate information falls on you, the Author. You need to provide accurate information, spell checked, links verified, and correct dates. You are also responsible to look at your website on a regular basis to see if something has passed and needs to be removed. Your webmaster is not keeping track of that. Unless you’re paying him to do so, that would be expensive. You’re also responsible to remind him, to nudge him to update your information if he missed it, or taking too long.

Best Author Website

If you want to be known for your books worldwide and make money, I suggest keep your website updated and accurate. Remember, your website is a representation of you, not your webmaster. Think of it as Dressing Yourself. Would you let someone else dress you?


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Thanks for sharing your article.

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Oh, no. Thank you for reading it. I love hearing from my readers. Always looking for new things to write about.

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