Why Preachers (Especially Christians) Hate Science

Donald Pennington By Donald Pennington, 29th Mar 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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The topic of religion – specifically, here in the US, Christianity – is a complicated one. Even within the religion there are thousands of modes of thought and different beliefs. It's rare to find any one denomination wherein all of the members agree, even.

But there are common threads. One of the biggest ones seems to be how Christianity fundamentally opposes science. I'd like to bring this up, here, today and with you, dear reader.

What does Christianity stand to lose when evolution is introduced?

As far as the individual, church-going believers themselves, there is little more to lose than a social circle, should any information come up which challenges their beliefs. But they're not the most vocally-opposed to science. Many of them are quite supportive of good knowledge, in fact, as it comes along.

(As well, I tend to admire what the late Christopher Hitchens called "the love bit." "Try to remember the love bit," he said, shortly before his death.)

It's the folks who make their living as preachers – or in some other capacity as an employee of churches – who are the most viciously opposed to questions being asked, for which they have no good answers. They stand to lose money.

Less church attendance means less tithes paid, which means less money to work with, after all. This, however, is only the end result of the disagreement. I want to bring up the fundamental argument.

What's at the heart of the religion vs. science debates?

The Christian bible teaches that humanity – along with the rest of the cosmos – was made approximately 6,000 to 8,000 years ago and then, mankind experienced “original sin,” thereby “falling from grace. Now, being “sinners by nature,” the Jesus mythology comes into play, offering humans our one opportunity for redemption and our chance to not be punished in Hell forever.

And, how convenient for the church this built-in guilt trip is.

Scientists, researchers and archeologists have discovered (and shared courageously) a vast body of evidence demonstrating modern humans first appeared approximately 200,000 years ago (Some debate exists as to the number but it is far greater than the bible allows) and how the earliest known hominids existed approximately 7 MILLION years ago.

Add to this the actual age of Planet Earth being far, far older than the bible could allow for and we can then easily surmise the creation mythologies did not happen – not like how they're laid out in the bible. It simply did not happen. Like it or not.

The problem this knowledge presents for professional preachers:

If the creation myths are not at all accurate, then the concept of “original sin” must also be in error. Following this line-of-thought, if there is no “original sin,” then humanity is not guilty for having been born. With no “sinful nature” branded upon us for being alive, the Jesus dynamic is unnecessary.

Without Jesus being necessary, there's nothing to make anyone feel “inherently evil” for, in the first place. This means there's no need to attend any church. And, obviously, this means less obligatory tithes.

At this point, it comes back around to the money.

Professional preachers (and yes, let's include all guilt-based Abrahamic faiths here – Christianity, Islam and Judaism) are threatened by the loss of income from the people of society realizing the religious mythologies do not add up, in the light of real knowledge. Preachers want to keep their flock ignorant of knowledge, in order to keep earning from their labors. When their flock awakens to the fleecing, those preachers will lose.

I've no plans of changing the world all by myself. And, I'm certainly not the first man to ever say what I do. But, I do plan to offer one other person the chance to change their own life. And together, we can reach others.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
30th Mar 2014 (#)

How wonderful it would have been if organized religion had never happened. How much suffering would have been avoided?

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author avatar Donald Pennington
30th Mar 2014 (#)

Some of it, anyway. :-)

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
8th Apr 2014 (#)

Your impeccable logic closes the case. Jesus, if he existed at all, was a really cool dude, but yes, he is indeed totally unnecessary. Well done.

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author avatar Donald Pennington
8th Apr 2014 (#)

Personally, I don't find him to even be so "cool," myself.

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