Why Shouldn't You Use Cut and Paste for File Transfer/Moving

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The tragedies of file loss due to cut-and-paste transfer should be stopped. Here are the Whys and how we should do instead.

Cut, Copy and Paste

Cut, Copy and Paste commands are widely used for transferring files (and texts) on computers as well as mobile devices. If it has always been fine for you, then you should feel lucky. Actually, many owners of computer, mobile phone, digital camera and USB flash stick have experienced file loss due to cut-and-paste transfer.

Cut-and-Paste is Really Cut-Paste-Delete

Shortcut: Ctrl + X + V

When we use Cut command, the original file is removed from the original folder, placed on the clipboard, and the file icon is grey. Normally, when the Paste is finished, the original file is also deleted. If some accidents happen, however, the original file may also get deleted even if the Paste is interrupted and failed. It is more or less risky to use Cut-and-Paste to transfer files.

Note: Drag-and-Drop

When you move files by Drag-and-Drop with the mouse on computer, you may get two results.
For example, transfer files from folder A to folder B. If folder A and folder B are on the same partition, like Local drive D, the transfer is Cut-and-Paste (displayed as Move to...).
If folder A and folder B are on different partitions, such as Local drive D and Local drive E, or Local drive and USB flash drive, the transfer is Copy-and-Paste (displayed as Copy to...).

Use Copy-and-Paste and Delete Manually

Shortcut: Ctrl + C + V

When you press Ctrl + C, the file is copied to clipboard, and the copy will be moved to the destination location. The original file is intact all through the process. All you need to do is to delete the original file manually once you are sure it is useless.
The only inconvenience is that you may need to free up some space when the file is larger than the available memory.

File Recovery for Cut-and-Paste

For people who have lost photos, videos or other important files during cut and paste, they may now try to Jihosoft File Recovery to retrieve the lost files.

Video demo:


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