Why Windows has a Larger Fan Base than Ubuntu

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Ubuntu is considered one of the best alternatives to the Windows OS. After all, it is a free operating system, with a variety of quality open source software for it. However, despite this it remains very much overshadowed by Windows.

Why Windows has a Larger Fan Base than Ubuntu

While not all felt that Windows Vista was an ideal operating system, Ubuntu and other alternatives did gain some more fans. However, with the release of Windows Seven it seems that Microsoft's most recent operating system has regained and restored the Windows OS as the best operating system. Windows Seven has been more widely acclaimed for its new options and features, and a more genuine enhancements on previous Windows OS.

However, it is not simply down to the Windows Seven that Windows has a larger fan base than Ubuntu. In fact, this has also been the case with previous Windows OS that since Windows 95 have been the dominant PC operating system. Windows is comfortably the best established PC operating system because of all the advantages that Microsoft have in the PC software market.

Windows is the operating system that PCs are packaged with. Quite simply, this is why Windows has a larger fan base than Ubuntu. That is to say, that given that it is the first OS that is installed on PC, Microsoft have more of a monopoly for the PC operating system.

Of course, that is not to say that other operating systems cannot be installed on the PC. Of course they can. However, few PC users will feel inclined to begin changing and installing alternative operating systems which is not always straight forward. As such, for Ubuntu and other alternatives they are at a disadvantage in this respect.

Then, Microsoft also have their obvious marketing muscle. As the best established PC operating system, Windows is a much bigger name than the Ubuntu and other Linux alternatives. Therefore, Microsoft marketing of Windows is a good deal greater. In contrast, Ubuntu is open source software, and has little marketing in comparison. As such, far fewer are aware that there is even an Ubuntu operating system alternative, let alone that it is a good freeware alternative to Microsoft Windows.

Windows software compatibility also supports a wider range of software. As such, not all software can be installed with Ubuntu. However, most software will be compatible with Windows.

So, regardless of the relative merits of Ubuntu in comparison to Windows, Windows has the larger fan base given its relative monopoly. For any alternative operating system, this has made it harder to make an impact and so Ubuntu has only a small fan base in comparison to Windows.


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