Why You Should Not Leave Food Out When Camping

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Why should you not feed the wildlife? Why is it dangerous to leave food out when you are camping? How to stay safe when camping in the mountains. Why some bears become nuisance bears.

True Story, Bear 133

I saw Bear 133 in 2009 and took a picture, it was easy to photograph this bear, as it was dead. He was shot and killed in 2008. His hide was on display in the Johnston Canyon area of Banff National Park as a part of an educational display. The facts behind the death/killing of bear 133 are something every tourist to a national part or wild area should consider.

Poor Bear 133 was killed by the Park’s people but their are many other people to blame. Every tourist who left food out for the bear, or who threw food to him in order to get him to come closer for a picture, or who simply did not put their garbage away safely, is to blame for the death of this, and other bears.

The Park’s people did try to relocate Bear 133 several times; they even tried to rehabilitate him, but with no luck. He was a nuisance bear, plain and simple.

The bear kept returning to the town site and showed no fear of people, he was a constant risk, even entering people’s yards and eating apples from there trees when he could not find garbage.

After many attempts to find options for this bear, he was destroyed.

Do Not Feed the Wildlife

When people leave out food it attracts wild animals like Bear 133. These wild animals soon learn that people mean food; an easy meal. They then lose their fear of people and eventually can even become dangerous to people.

Campers can purchase special containers for their food, and can look into ways of putting their food in places that wildlife cannot access it (such as hanging it high out of reach of predators). This means that there are no easy meals for the wildlife.

People must use caution, and common sense, when in bear territory. These are not domestic animals, they are big, fast, powerful, and dangerous.

Garbage must also be stored properly or it will attract predators too. You might think an empty potato chip bag (for example) is harmless if left out, but predators will be attracted by the smell and will lick the bag to get the taste of anything they can.

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author avatar Legend
8th May 2015 (#)

Important advice

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
8th May 2015 (#)

Mark, excellent article and advice. I would think people should be aware of not feeding animals and locking food up but for whatever reason they simply do not comply. It leads to a lot of problems for the animals and for the people.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
8th May 2015 (#)

Congratulations on the gold star.

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author avatar snerfu
9th May 2015 (#)

The bear I know went o'er the mountain to see what he could see.
The picture shows how dangerous a bear is in real life.
Nice to read about picnics and bears...yogi bear?

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author avatar Retired
9th May 2015 (#)

Excellent article with tons of practical info that we all need to read. (at least all of us who camp! LOL)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th May 2015 (#)

I am far away from wild life as I live within the confines of a city, but I do know a hungry bear is an angry bear. They take us as food too - siva

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author avatar Retired
10th May 2015 (#)

Your article reminds me of Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world....how the bears break into the houses and ransack the kitchen looking for food.
Nice share. Enjoyed reading it.

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author avatar spirited
12th May 2015 (#)

I suppose they could have given the bear to a zoo, but maybe he would have been a problem there too.

Actually here in Australia, they still sell bags of food that you can feed to the kangaroos by hand here.

I guess that's formulated stuff though.

Yes, we should allow the wild to remain wild I guess.

Interesting article Mark

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author avatar Ptrikha
12th May 2015 (#)

Quite useful information.

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author avatar Kingwell
13th May 2015 (#)

Thank you for this useful information. Blessings.

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author avatar jak2010
14th May 2015 (#)

Never saw a real bear in my life and do not have any in my country. It is good to read about it here in your article. Thanks.

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author avatar peachpurple
10th Aug 2015 (#)

So it was the humans who had caused the death of bears. So sad

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