Why do we have Mosquitoes, Weeds, Ants, and Yucky Things?

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Does everything have a purpose? If so what is the purpose of mosquitoes? What is the purpose of weeds? What is the reason we have flies?

What is the Purpose of Mosquitoes

Female mosquitoes suck our blood, and spread diseases, could mosquitoes possibly have a purpose?

Mosquitoes, in fact, are food for many other animals, their larvae are a food source for many fish, and frogs. As adults they are food for bats and dragonflies. Not everything has a purpose to serve man.

What is the Purpose of Flies

Flies spread diseases and are rather annoying. Do they have a purpose?

There are many species of birds eat flies, and also many reptiles and amphibians. Even some other insects feed on flies. Flies also assist us by speeding up decomposition. Maggots have been used in hospitals to clean out wounds.

What is the Purpose of Weeds?

Dandelions and other weeds sneak into our yards and “ruin” our perfect lawns and gardens. Why? What possible purpose would weeds have?

Many plants that we call weeds are edible, not just by other animals, but by humans too. Dandelions, for example were once commonly used in soups and salads, long before they were considered as weeds. Deer, rabbits, and horses, will often prefer to eat dandelions instead of grass.

A lawn with weeds is not ruined, but we have been brainwashed into thinking so.

What is the Purpose of Wasps?

Wasps do not make honey, they sting and some people have deadly allergies to them?

Wasps are actually very beneficial, they kill some other insects that we consider pests, such as caterpillars and grasshoppers. Additionally wasps do pollinate some plants, although not as much as bees.

What is the Purpose of Ants?

Ants are pests who come into our homes and ruin our picnics.

Do you think that ants a purpose? Not only are ants a good food source for many animals, including primates, they are the main food source for some animals like the Aardvark. Additionally ants play a very important role in pollinating some plants.

What is the Purpose of Mold?

Mold is yucky it grows on our forgotten food. What is the purpose of that?

Penicillin, a very helpful drug, was derived from mold, as are some other drugs. Some cheeses, such as the very popular Blue Cheese, are made, and flavored, with the assistance of mold. Mold helps things to decompose.

What is the Purpose of...

Why are there fleas, ticks, rats, sharks, tapeworms? What we must realize is that all these beings have a purpose, and that their purpose is not always to serve humans, or anyone.

In fact, everything has one purpose, and one purpose only.

The purpose of everything to survive, and if lucky, to reproduce. Nothing cares if people appreciate their existence, or have a use for them. Even Mosquitoes, Flies, Weeds, Spiders, Ants, and Mold. They ONLY exist to survive and replicate themselves for the continuation of their species. It is so sad that humans have come to think things only have value if they are of use to humanity.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
26th Aug 2012 (#)

Very informative piece, Mark. I've often wondered why we need mosquitoes, and now I know. Thank you.

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author avatar Nitul anand
26th Aug 2012 (#)

Nice and Unique ...
Thanks for sharing ...!

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author avatar lastay
26th Aug 2012 (#)

Very nice

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Aug 2012 (#)

Wonderful share, Mark. Better that we appreciate everything around us so thoughtfully presented to us. They could well ensure our survival provided we too are grateful. Then again, one gets a feeling whether we appreciate our own when they are no more able to contribute. I see some disturbing signs around me! siva

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author avatar A K Rao
26th Aug 2012 (#)

All the animals and plants they form a eco-system which is balanced with the help of each other! To keep check on the excessive growth of a particular living being another one is promoted! This in this ecosystem one is food for another too! Thus every animal and plant on this surface of earth does have a significance to make this mother earth a lovable place to live in! Mother nature nutures all these living things by its own ways and means! Very nice article dear Mark!

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author avatar missgreeeen91
26th Aug 2012 (#)

nice share! ^_^

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author avatar Judy Ellen
26th Aug 2012 (#)

Great write up and in the end all of those things do serve humanity because we eat the fish that eat the mosquitoes, the plants that the wasps help pollinate and on up the line. In the end it is all good!! By the way due to the drought we did not get very many mosquitoes in our area and as a result very few bats visited us this year.

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author avatar Christine Crowley
26th Aug 2012 (#)

Very interesting. You didn't include stink bugs in this list - my all-time favorite insect to hate.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
27th Aug 2012 (#)

I took the trouble to research on the need for all these creatures after reading the title of your page, and then found you already had the answers. Thank you.

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
28th Aug 2012 (#)

I think I know the answer: They are in this world to annoy us!... Without them, life would be at risk of being a tad too perfect :-}

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author avatar Delicia Powers
31st Aug 2012 (#)

great answers...and questions:o)

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author avatar Debraj Das
12th Sep 2012 (#)

An informative as well as interesting article.....enjoyed it!!!

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