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Honey is widely thought to be the only food that does not spoil.

Sweet honey-fridge

Honey is widely thought to be the only food that does not spoil.this is because of its high sugar and low water content ,which makes it an environment in which bacteria and other microorganisms cannot multiply. Honey also contains certain enzymes and aromatic acids that are effective against microbes. This is why doctors may even use honey to help serious wounds heal more quickly -in the form of honey bandages ,for example .On average ,honey contains of 70-80% sugar and only 15-20% water.

Added to this are small amounts of pollen , flavourings, minerals,vitamins, enzymes and other proteins. Unlike sugar- which is pure sucrose- honey contains various kinds of sugar ,especially glucose, fructose and small amounts of sucrose and dextrin. The exact proportion of the various sugar determine how long it will take for a particular honey to crystallise and harden. And even the fridge cannot prevent that from happening

What gives honey its honey colour...

The colour of this sweet natural substances comes from the colour of the nectar or honeydew collected by the bees. The term "honey coloured" usually refers to a warm, slightly ochre shade of golden yellow , although different varieties of honey have very different colours -from pale yellow rapeseed honey, through reddish- brown chestnut honey and dark brown forest honey. Lime honey even has a greenish tinge. The standard RAL colour chart, used throughout Europe, lists the typical hue of acasia honey under the designation honey- yellow RAL 1005 , between golden yellow and maize yellow. However ,the transparent and luminous colour of all honey fades as- after weeks or months, depending on the variety-it crystallises and sets.


Aromatic Acid, Enzymes, Minerals, Sugar, Vitamins

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