Why doesn't my page show in category listings or on the front page?

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When you publish a page on Wikinut it will be listed in the category you wrote it in. Some pages are also published in other, higher level, categories. This article explains why.

Quality is more important than quantity

All pages submitted to Wikinut for publication are moderated prior to becoming readable on the site. The moderation process is explained here.

When reviewing the page the moderator has the option to flag the article as being of sufficient quality to be promoted to higher tier categories.

Consider a page titled "My love of Diet Coke" in the category Drinks. The page is approved for publication and it can be read by anyone loading that category or using a search engine to find the page.

However, in this example, there are two further categories which the page could also be listed in: The Wikinut homepage and the "Food & Drink" category.

> Wikinut > Food & Drink > Drink

Only pages that the moderator has flagged as being of sufficient quality will appear in these parent categories. Many additional readers can be introduced to your pages if they are list in parent categories, so it is very important that you write the best quality pages you can.

An author can only have one "promoted" page appearing in any category listing at a time, unless there aren't enough pages from other authors to fill the listing. The author's most recently published page will be listed.

Criteria used by moderators

The following list is considered when a moderator reviews your page:

  • Quality of the writing. Including grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Use of images.
  • Appropriateness of preview image.
  • The author's biography and avatar image.
  • Originality of the page.


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