Why should you go for an Image Hosting Website?

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Photos are the best way of storing your past in a better form than your memory. It's always nice to pick your photos up and view them. There's saying, " It's always good to have photos of your friends and relatives because even if they change, they never change in your photos"..

Which Is Better : Your Computer Or Hosting Websites?

Usually people store their pics in their computer. But they problem is that their computer hard disk could get filled up. If the photos were taken from a digital camera, the size of each pics would be much greater in size of MB rather than the pics taken using a web cam or mobile cam. So here arises the need of an image hosting site.

One good way of storing your photos is to burn them on a disk. A CD can give you 700mb of disk space while a DVD can give you about 4.7GB of disk space. Disks are pretty cheap nowadays, so storing your photos in it is a good idea. But these disks are easily damaged, so if you don’t take care of it, it might have scratches and might no longer be readable by your CD-ROM.

So if you don’t want to take such risks, then getting your images hosted on a website is your only option. An image hosting website allows you to upload the photos and make it available to the public. And it gives you the privacy you need. That is, you can decide whether the public should see your pics or not. An image hosting services are either paid or for free. The difference between the two is the image size allowed and the bandwidth per user.

Choosing between the paid photo hosting service and free photo hosting service can be quite difficult.

If the photos are simply for personal use, then try using photo hosting websites such as Flickr, Slide and Photobucket. These websites can give you the opportunity to upload thousands of photos. They also have a variety of editing tools which you can use to make your photos look even better. They can provide you with free services as well as paid services. Of course, paid services gives you much better options. An assortment of slide-shows and flash enhancements are also available for you. They also allow you to share the pictures you uploaded on social networking sites. There are also privacy controls available which prevents peeping toms from viewing your photos.

If the photos you want to upload are for business purposes, then you have to know the type of business you have before uploading the pictures. For example, an auction business would need a large amount of storage for the pictures of items they sell. This would be very necessary for your customers and your business. A pro-am photographer would need copyright protections for the pictures they upload. Knowing what type of business you run would help you know which image hosting service you need.


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