Why we should all recycle

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In this article I explain how I recycle along with some safety tips.

Some reasons why to recycle

1. I want to do my part in helping our planet reuse its resources.
2. Recycling reduces waste in already over filled landfills.
3. It saves natural resources.
4. Many states profit in the millions of dollars from recycled products which in turn helps our economy.
5. It creates jobs. The recycling industry earns more than $236 billion annually and employs more than 1 million workers.
6. Recycling old materials requires less energy than to make new materials.
7. Recycling protects wildlife because instead of cutting down more forests, we just reuse our materials.
8. It saves our water due to the fact that less water is used during recycling than what is used to make new materials.

The benefits outweigh the inconvenience

Even though I am one of the few who actually wash every piece of plastic and every jar or bottle squeaky clean, it is still worth it to me. Yes, washing all that plastic I get from any type of meat or any other packaging saves trips to the recycling center, due to the fact that the boxes of plastic, cans and jars that I take to the recycling center do not smell.

I had a family member ask why I bother to do all this washing so I had to explain that if you do not wash out your jars, bottles, or cans it will attract, ants, mice and make the whole garage smell. It might seem like a big inconvenience to even wash out your pop cans due to the sugar that will attract ants, but, this too must be done if you keep your cans in the garage. It takes a lot more time doing all this extra washing but it is well worth it to help save our planet.

The danger of cans with pull up lids.

Last weekend I accidentally cut my thumb on the top of one of those cans where the lid was torn off at, and, that really got me thinking about writing this article.

Whenever I open a can that has a pull up lid, after using it contents, I am very cautions to wash inside the can thoroughly using a brush. The top of those cans where the lid is torn off is very dangerous should your dog accidentally find it among your recyclables. One lick on the top of the can, and, your pet could have a nasty cut on his tongue. Plus a dog would not stop licking thinking that the blood on his tongue is coming from the can.

In the old days they used a similar way to kill a fox or wolf. Something tasty was put on the blade of a knife and then it was left out for the animal to find it with the handle stuck in the ground. Once the animal licked the bait off of the blade, it would continue to lick thinking that the blood from its tongue was coming from the blade. How terrible!! Sorry to have to be so graphic, but, if this saves one animal’s life, it is worth it. I am very careful not only to make sure there is no food left inside to attract my pet but I also keep those dangerous cans locked in the garage.

Happy and Safe recycling to all!!!!

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author avatar Val Mills
13th Apr 2012 (#)

Good on you for washing. Apparently the recycling companies overseas like material coming from NZ where I live, as most of us here at least rinse all our recycling material.

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author avatar Teila
14th Apr 2012 (#)

I love this!!! Great job Judy!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
14th Apr 2012 (#)

Resources are limited, recycle could save those for future generations. Good work. Thanks.

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