Why you should choose wood floors in your home sweet home?

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Flooring is among first house interior a visitor will see. The type or material of flooring has its part in house living comfort. You may have the best marble counter-tops, a fancy chrome faucet and diamond chandelier, but if your floor resembles a moon surface, or an asphalt road where potholes shows after torrential rain, then you may not have a home sweet home after all.

Why you should choose wood floors in your home sweet home?

Who wants to get tiptoed from a crater in their homes? It will be totally different with flooring made up of gravel or mud. Homes, condos, factories and commercial buildings use different materials for their flooring.

For houses, the commonly used are concrete, carpet, engineered in or a combination of the three. Others, such as the sports arena or complex use concrete with rubberize top to handle the forces of athletes. But if considering, an apartment or homes, it will be a good alternative to have hardwood floors or hardwood flooring installation if concrete does not suit your needs.

Why choose hardwood floors? There will be different opinions from each homeowner and renovators, but they all agree that hardwood floors outshine concrete and plywood in terms of value, variety design, non-hypoallergenic, durability maintenance flexibility.

• Durability - Even for hundreds of years, hardwood floors lasts and time-tested. Continuous wear and tear dents and cracks concrete and fly wood flooring, but hardwood is resistant to shock, blunt force and repeated soiling.

• Variety of designs – With hardwood floors you can choose the best design compatible with your surroundings and walling. Each wood from different tree have different patterns. For example, white oak has fluid horizontal contour, Old heart pine and new heart pine, Australian cypress have brown, reddish to light brown with patterns of burls or round shape pattern. Streaks and greenish brown color adorn Wenge wood surface and maple have these uniform grain and white pattern. If you visit wood floors in Oregon residential houses you'll see that different patterns correspond to different hardwood species.

• Increase in value – Hardwood as floors can increase your house value to several times from each original price. If you plan to sell your house, hardwood floor is a catchy asset to show to your prospect buyer or real estate agent.

• Ease in maintenance – Compared to concrete floors, hardwood is easy to replace, less start-up cost and no messy concrete mix to worry about. Since hardwood floor has segments or sections, a technician can easily replace one area without damaging the other one.

• Provides air quality – This doesn't mean, it will act as air filter, but rather cause less or no allergies for those sufferers. Likewise, hardwood is unlikely to harbour molds and microscopic pests such as minute sized mites and ticks.

When the time comes for you to plan or start renovating your house, you will have the idea about the advantages of choosing hardwood floors over concrete or plywood, while hardwood floors won't be the perfect floors in your house, it will give you more options for making your home more hospitable in town for you and your visitor.


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