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I believe there are lots of people trying to earn money on wikinut but failing or earning very low which makes them not satisfied. That is only because they do not know the actual way of how wikinut works and how to write the proper way so they could earn a lot. If proper ways are used, they would be earning more than they thought they would

What is Wikinut?

To earn money on wikinut, it is important to know about it. If you don't know what it is, you aren't going to earn a penny.

Many people struggles to earn money through the web,online to add an extra to their income. There are many ways of earning through the web. However, most of them are scams. A lot of people fall into the "scam trap" where they lose their valuable time as well as their money instead of earning.

Wikinut, is one of the few that actually lets you earn real money quite easily and really fast. There are a lot of ways to earn money which are quite hard or requires skills.
Here is Wikinut that doesn't require any skill which makes it available to all the people add an extra to their income quite easily.

So, What exactly Wikinut is and how do I earn from here?

Wikinut is sort of blogging but easier. It is an online publisher. Anyone can register here and write about anything they like. Wikinut publishes their articles to the worldwide audience, making it available to the world.

For example, you know something great and you want the world to know about it. What you do is just come to wikinut, Publish it here and leave the rest to wikinut. Your published article will be spreaded to the world in just a moment. And the best part is, you will get paid for the visits you get into your article.

Why would Wikinut pay me for publishing articles / How does it work?

This is very simple.
Wikinut earns money by selling advertisement spaces. Your articles open up spaces for advertisements. This is how Wikinut earn money and they share the earning with you.
Well, if you think deeply, you see all of the three help each other.

First, Wikinut sells advertisement spaces.
Writer's articles open up spaces for them.
So, wikinut sells spaces to the advertisers. Then wikinut shares what they get with the writers.
Advertisers advertise so that they get visit to their webpages. Advertisements are included into writer's articles. Advertisers get the visits by the visitors to your article. That makes them get what they want.
So, they are all helping each other.

Why should I write on Wikinut, not on other publishing websites?

There are other ways of earning the same way as Wikinut. By writing and sharing articles.

You should write on wikinut because it is very simple. Not much works to do, not so complicated just simple enough. It's User friendly.
While comparing, wikinut gets normally the most visit than others.
So that means earning is faster with Wikinut than the most other ones. You can easily earn quite a lot here.
Plus, wikinut isn't just for earning. Here what you do is share your knowledge with the others. You get comments, make friends, chit-chat with them. It's like a great way of communication which is fun while still earning money.

One of the best part of Wikinut is it's Unique system of "Awards to the writers"/Badges. Continue reading to know more.

About Wikinut Badges.

Wikinut gives badges to their writers as they believe that everybody feels better after a quick pat on the back, and some public recognition of achievement.

Badges are rewarded to the members after reaching certain milestone. It is fun to reach milestones because you'll always be wanting to "Get That Badge". Upon rewarding, it will be appeared on your profile page so everyone can see what you have achieved.

"Wikinut Belts" is one of the rewards. These shows how experienced the member of Wikinut is. Belts can be achieved by gather nutpoints.
Available Blets are,

* Green belt - given to all new members
* Orange belt - the next on the ladder for ambitious Wikinutters
* Blue belt - a sign of an experienced member
* Purple belt - evidence of a community elder
* Black belt - a rare and precious award, handed to true Wikinut ninjas

"Published Pages" badge.
This badge shows how many pages have the writer/member posted on wikinut. Appears on "Profile Page".

Total Page Views" Badge

This badge appears on profile page and shows how many visitors have the writer's articles attracted people.

Status Badge
These badge shows who is moderator and who is administrator. Upon rewarding, this page is shown on profile page.

Achievement Badge:Star Page
If you wrote an amazing article this badge would be showed on with your article and on your profile page. This would make you get even more visits.

Tips And Tricks To Earn Money Faster On Wikinut.

Now, we are on the main point.
I'll give you various tips on what to do to bring lots of visits and earn money a lot?
Just continue reading,

Tips And Tricks no 1: Write Unique, Give Efforts On It, Choose interesting Topic
When you are publishing articles, make sure that your article is awesome. Don't do it in rush. Give it time and efforts. Add photos, videos related to your topic. Try not to drive viewers to other websites, this makes viewers think about getting tricked. Try to make your article unique and splendid looking. Add the most description you can on what you are writing. Choose what is interesting to you and what you think would interest others to read. Just make sure to give your article the best you can.

Tips And Tricks No 2: Add Better Tags
Tags are what would bring you the most visitors. Tags are what people would write on the search engine. Try to learn what is SEO and how it works.
For example you wrote an article on weight losing. Wait a few minutes and think what people would search on search engine about weight losing. Then write each of them on the "Tags", separated by comas. Like this,
how, to, lose, weight, ideas, losing, loss, best, ways, fast

Tips And Tricks 3: Spread your article
If you have any blog then post your article links on your blog. Let your friends know about it. Use facebook or other social networks. If you own a blog, write about wikinut and about your articles. This way you can bring a lot of visitors.

Alternative way of earning

We had been talking about "Earning From Visitors". But there is another way of earning with wikinut. It's called "Wikinut's Referral Program".

Go to your wikinut account, Click on "Invite friends" on the right menu bar. There, you will be able to ask your friends to join. You'll find your referral link there, Just share with however you can with your friends and the world. Because if anyone joins wikinut using your referral link, You will get paid from what they earn. They will pay 10 Percent of what your friend earns. Like if your friend earns 100 Pounds, you will be paid 10 Pounds as an extra.


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It is very good article .Informative and Simple tricks

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Already know yet still the earning is very very slow but I love the friendly community and moderators of wikinut that's why I a here.

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Nice article good information thanks Mr Arifeen.

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It also helps if you choose topics that lots of people are searching for in Google

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So helpful
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