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Here's a quick summary of our suggested approach to writing pages for Wikinut, to help you get your pages published first time, every time.

We prefer original content

Ideally, every page on Wikinut would be unique on the web. However, we appreciate that many of our authors may want to upload existing content that they have written and published elsewhere.

So long as you own the copyright to the pages you submit, then you will satisfy our terms of use. However, it will help if you use the same author name and/or photo on Wikinut as elsewhere on the web. Otherwise our moderators may reject your page initially, if they see it elsewhere on the internet published under a different name.

Write unique, relevant page titles

Your page title is the headline to your page, your first change to make a big impression on your readers. So it should be descriptive, unique and eye catching.

Please don't use ALL CAPITALS when writing your title; this is the online equivalent of shouting, and something that will be rejected by the moderator. This also applies to your main page content.

Ensure your title has correct spelling and grammar - nothing puts a reader off more than obvious mistakes in the headline.

And please try to give each of your pages a different title, even if they about the same subject matter. This will give you a better chance of getting traffic from search engines - you can read more about this in our guide to SEO for beginners.

For help with making your page titles more attractive to users, read our write eye-grabbing titles guide.

Don't repeat your summary

Your page summary is a great opportunity to tell your readers about the contents of your page, or to perhaps tease them with a snippet of info that will leave them wanting more.

So ensure that it is well written, spelt correctly and has appealing content.

Either way, your summary appears at the top of your page itself (above the first section), so there is no need to repeat the contents of your summary at the top of your first page section.

If you do, it will appear twice on the page and so the moderator will reject your article.

Choose a preview image

Pages that have specific, relevant preview images will get more readers than those without. So if you have a photo or image that you have the right to use, then we'd recommend adding it to your page and selecting it as the preview images.

You can read our guide to uploading images if you need help with this.

Our moderators will reject any pages with unsuitable images, such as those that contravene our content guidelines. Images with copyright watermarks, and photos of a vulgar nature are definitely things to avoid.

But don't worry if you haven't got a suitable image; It may not be possible to add an image to every page, and in these cases we'll use your author profile photo.

Check your spelling and grammar

Once you've written your page we suggest you use a spell-checker, such as the one built into most modern browsers, to ensure you haven't made any basic mistakes.

Our moderators will allow the odd error, and simply ask you to correct it in the published page. However, if the quality of the spelling is poor your page will be rejected and will not be published until you have improved the standard.

Include relevant links

Our editor allows you to add links to other Wikinut pages, or to any external page on the web. Links to related pages can be very useful to your readers, and can add authority to your content. You can read about adding links into your pages.

Please ensure that the anchor text of your link (that is, the underlined words that readers click) is relevant to the link destination.

Our moderators are likely to reject your pages if you add links to irrelevant pages, links that include some form of affiliate tracking, or simply if you haven't correctly used the linking tool.

Be targeted with your formatting

Bold and italics should be used to highlight words and phrases, and to add emphasis to your writing. Please do not apply formatting to your entire page; whole articles that are in bold or italics will be rejected by our moderators.

For help with applying formatting, read our editor guide.

Use sections where appropriate

Longer pages will benefit from being divided up. Rather than doing this by including headers within your page using bold text, you should instead make use of Wikinut sections.

These have a few benefits:

  • They add big, clear headers to each division of you page
  • Pages with 3 or more sections get an automatic table of contents
  • Section headers are great for SEO, and help you improve your search rankings

Add images if possible

Pictures can speak a 1000 words, and they certainly make your page look better. Remember, an image not only appears on your page itself, but can be used as the preview image within categories.

If you aren't sure how to add images, read our guide to uploading images to see how simple it is.

You'll need to ensure your have the rights to publish the image, but if you do then we strongly recommend using it. Pages with preview images are far more likely to be promoted to the homepage of Wikinut.

Use advanced formatting

Some of the best pages out there contain lists, videos and other neat elements that make a page look twice as nice.

If you want to add these to your page, be sure to read our guide to advanced formatting, where you can learn ways to enhance the visual appeal of your articles.

Add appropriate tags

Tags are a useful way for users to find your pages, as they will link your page to other similar Wikinut content. You can find our more about them in our using tags guide.

You should always try to add a variety of tags to each page you write; they are especially useful for including words or phrases that are relevant but not included in the body of your content. An example would be a misspelling or alternate name of your page subject.

However, please note that any attempt to manipulate the system by adding inappropriate tags to your page will lead to rejection by the moderator.


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