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Announcing your Wikinut pages on Twitter or somewhere else that limits the number of characters you can use? If so, you need to start using our short URL service.

What are short URLs?

To begin with, I'll explain what a URL is. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, and is basically the address of a web page. It's what you can see in your browser address bar, and for this page is:

You can see this is pretty long, and this is relatively short compared to some. In fact it is 52 characters long, which considering you only get a total of 140 to play with on Twitter is not good.

So we offer a short version of this which is:

Now it's only 23 characters long.

Where do I find the short URL for my page?

This is the easy bit. We've already made a short URL for each of your pages, and for every new page you write a new one will be created.

If you look at the top of any Wikinut page, you'll see a little block of info about the page. This contains the author image and name, the date the page was written, and next to those the short URL is shown.

You just need to cut and paste this for use elsewhere.

Where can I use short URLs?

As I've already mentioned, short URLs are ideal for Twitter and other micro-blogging services. They are also handy for any form of mobile messaging or other instances where space is limited.

However, you can choose to use them anywhere as they will work just as well as the full URL.

Is there any benefit over other short URL services?

2 advantages of using Wikinut short URLs are:

  • Other providers may withdraw their service, whereas Wikinut short URLs will be available as long as Wikinut is online (forever we hope!)
  • Some other short URL services are banned in certain countries - ours work everywhere


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