Wikipedia Welcomes Wikinut: Ways to Use Wikipedia to Get Traffic and Back-link

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The Wikipedia the free Internet Encyclopedia is widely used by people throughout the world mostly for references purposes and there are only few who have known it that Wikipedia can be used also by online writers, book publishers, merchants, advertisers and other online users to harvest backlinks and traffic for their products and services offered online.

What you should know about Wikipedia

It is said that Wikipedia is one of the biggest, oldest and most authoritative websites on the Internet. It is hard to do a Google search for any term that does not list Wikipedia in the top ten. If you could create as many backlinks from Wikipedia to your website as you wanted it - you could also combine that with another sneaky link building method to get even more links and traffic with ease. Online writers are also businessmen so online writers can use this method to their advantages and also to learn how to strengthen their businesses venture online.

Wikipedia is a Wiki - made by people like you

Meaning that anyone can edit any unprotected and improve articles immediately for all readers. You do not need to register to do this. Anyone who has edited is known as a Wikipedian and no matter how trivial the edit may seem, he can be proud that he or she has helped make Wikipedia what it is. While those protected sections of Wikipedia only the officially registered Editors are given the privileges to edit them.

In the third quarter of 2014, Wikipedia has recorded at least 723,730,268 total numbers of edits, 4,541,940 articles from 126,977 contributors. Wikipedia is open site to anyone who has the interest to become one of its editors. A Wikipedian will enjoy the full support during his actual training with the site.

A Wikipedian can create his article pages on Wikipedia

Aside from editing its contents – a Wikipedian can also create his article pages but after he created his Wikipedia account and is approved. If approved, he will familiarize the five pillars of Wikipedia, he will be taught how to edit a page; he will familiarize also the importance of help and tutorial pages. He will be taught how to write a great article and become familiar with the simplified manual of style.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Its contents are written from a neutral point of view. It is free content that anyone can edit, use, modify, and distribute. It is a friendly site where the editors should treat each other with respect and civility. And Wikipedia does not have firm rules.

Why Wikipedia Links Are Awesome

There are lots of reasons to spend time getting links from Wikipedia. It really isn’t your average back-link but you should know that Wikipedia shows up in the search results for almost every term. It is a seriously authoritative site and a back-link from them is like a thumb up from the highest powerful man in the land. Google loves links from Wikipedia and they should since real moderators review the links. Not only that but also links from Wikipedia actually generate very relevant traffic to websites. The best bit from this approach is that - If your site is linked from a Wikipedia page it will generate additional links from other websites looking to use your site as a reference! So if you want an unlimited supply of authoritative links that brings new traffic and even more links, you are in the right place!

The advantage of Wikipedia dead links

Wikipedia is just like any other website that has broken links all over the place. In fact due to the size of the site, there are endless amounts of them. By Wikipedia’s definition a Dead link is used to describe a link that is no longer active. It indicates to Wikipedia moderators (or anyone looking) that the link needs to be fixed or updated. And when the “dead link” mark is present on a Wikipedia page you can use that as a footprint to find new back-link opportunities easily. In fact there is a page that lists every single article on Wikipedia that has a dead link that needs to be updated.

The Broken Link Building Advantage

One of the more white hat link building tactics is to scour the web looking for broken links. Once you have found some, just email the site owners telling them about the problem along with a relevant page on your website they can easily update the link to. The website owner wins because you have helped them fix a broken link and you win because you have a new back-link. It’s generally time consuming and a lot of people will not invest the time in finding broken links. You can learn more about broken link building here and there.

A powerful link building tactic

If you will combine the Wikipedia dead-link advantage with the broken link building approach you will end up with a very powerful link building tactic. You can use Wikipedia to find dead links and get a link from Wikipedia. Then find all of the other backlinks pointing to the dead-link you found at Wikipedia and get links from those sites as well. This approach makes it really easy to get some serious link juice and relevant traffic!

Getting a link from Wikipedia is easier than you might think. It takes a bit of time but it is totally worth it. Not only that but you can leverage this even further to get links from all of the other sites that were linking to the broken URL. Link building with Wikipedia is just the start. Once you have done this you will have a constant stream of new backlinks from people that have found your site on Wikipedia along with relevant high quality traffic. It really is that easy!

Wikipedia welcomes Wikinut

Yes. Wikinut was welcomed on Wikipedia. Not like Triond and its other 22 publishing sites that powered by Triond - Wikipedia has blocked them.

On August 1, 2010, I published my number 9 article on Wikinut entitled Internet Could Be a Den of Crimes. I used the article as my material for my Wikipedia journey. I knew it that anyone can edit unprotected pages on Wikipedia and also if I had become a registered Wikipedian I could have to enjoy the privilege to create my own pages on their site. Yes. I started my journey and I created my first page on their site by using the article I published here using the title Beware of Hoaxes.

More pages I created on Wikipedia after Wikinut

The pages I created on Wikipedia are proof that an online writer can also enjoy the benefits that some of online gurus have enjoyed when they used Wikipedia on their online businesses venture. For the materials I used to create more pages on Wikipedia were came from the other publishing sites I am also writing for like the Language of Business and including materials found on my own blog site.

Now I know that aside from using Wikipedia for references there are other ways how to use it to harvest backlinks and traffic. And there is nothing wrong from using it as long I follow its wikipedia's policy and regulation. And I won't insist it to others what I have discovered. However, if someone here will find it helpful then enjoy the opportunity. I found this method really works. There are many ways to look for traffic online. Yes. There are online social networks but Wikipedia is also a place to get backlinks.

Read also my recently published article: Distance Education Helps Develop My Writing Hobby

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
31st Oct 2014 (#)

If people spam wikipedia with poor Wikinut articles I am sure Wikinut will be blocked too, so I suggest people do not abuse this idea and ONLY link to the very best Wikinut articles.

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author avatar ppruel
1st Nov 2014 (#)

100% agreed with you Mark. As businessmen - our writers should offer the best products to our target audience. Sharing articles on Wikipedia is just like one is sharing article to social networks. Thanks Mark...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Nov 2014 (#)

As Mark has pointed out, we have to be responsible in what we do and not abuse this opportunity. You are indeed creative Paul - your every visit, rare as they are, are worth the wait! siva

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
1st Nov 2014 (#)

This is interesting information - I have edited Wikipedia material in the past where it is incorrect, but have never thought to become a regular contributor or to use it as a back-link mechanism.

That said we have to ensure that only high quality, well researched information is added.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
1st Nov 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing this information. Smiles to you this evening.

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author avatar Gangadhar Kulkarni
7th Sep 2015 (#)

Hi PPruel,

Awesome info you shared here about Wikipedia.....!!!

To get quality backlinks from Wikipedia, this article really helpful.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable information with us.


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