Winter Driving Tips

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Important tips for driving in adverse and wintry weather.


There are few things you want to do with your car when preparing for driving in winter and adverse weather conditions. These should include aspects with regard to your car’s engine, precautionary measures and safety. Take special care regarding the following:

- Tire condition and air pressure, see Tire Safety
- Engine oil level and cleanliness, see DIY Oil Change
- Wiper blade arms, motors and rubber fitting
- Headlights, tail-lights & emergency flashers functionality

Make sure the above mentioned aspects of your car in perfect condition as a step to preparing for winter driving.

What You Should Keep

If you are traveling to snowy areas by road, or are communicating on snowy/slick roads, it may also be smart to make sure you have:

- A First Aid Kit
- Snow Chains/Cables (even if you have snow tires)
- A spare full-size tire
- A bag of kitty litter or salt to provide extra traction if you get stuck in snow/ice
- Gloves, jackets & snow caps in the trunk, in case of emergency
- A couple gallons of fuel in the trunk only in bottles or cans designed and rated for fuel storage
- Your tires either replaced or professionally inspected
- Your car tuned professionally by your mechanic or dealer
- Some nutrition bars, water and hard candy in case you get stranded somewhere for hours, which happens quite frequently in places with very bad weather
- A spare battery (unless your car already has one)
- A cell phone and a compatible car-charger
- An umbrella in the trunk or cabin room
- A battery or hand-powered radio, to keep up with news and updates from weather stations
- Baby supplies if traveling with a baby
- A map of the area you are in or are visiting in case you get lost or need an alternate route

General Winter Tips

Tips in General

Whenever you have to drive in snowy or adverse weather conditions, be prepared. In any case you should always maintain your car and have it tuned and serviced regularly. However, just before the winter season it may be very wise to have the entire vehicle professionally examined and worked on as in winter things tend to be less durable. Fluids such as engine oil, power steering fluid and engine coolant/anti-freeze solution must be checked and made into optimum working order so that you do not suffer in extreme weather or driving conditions.

Also, check your tires for tread wear and overall condition. If the tires you have are performance tires and you know the winter weather in your local area is not dry, it would be smart to replace the current summer performance tires with some nice-branded rain and snow tires from great companies like Michelin and Pirelli. If you want, you can keep the performance tires too and put them back on once the sun starts shining again.

Make sure your lights are in full working order and are providing optimum visibility both from your visibility point of view and other drivers on the road. Turn on your low-beam lights and emergency flashers at home and survey the car from the exterior. Make sure all the lights which are cabin lights, trunk lights, parking lights, low-beam lights, fog-lights, front, side and rear indicators, rear tail-lights and rear number plate lights are all in perfect working conditions so when you really need them, they are there. Also check the battery and its level of water inside (if you have a wet-cell battery). Keep in mind that a typical wet-cell battery expires after around 30 months, and dry cell batteries last for about twice as long.

Keep the above mentioned aspects of your car in well-working condition giving due consideration and hopefully you’ll have no problems driving this winter!


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