Wom Vegas. How to Operate your new site.

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This is my guide for all my down line members.
To help them earn an income from home.
The beauty is that Wikinut's not only gives you an income, they also make it possible to communicate all your thoughts and guide lines to new members daily..
I find at social sites you can only communicate a certain amount of words.
I can just send the link to everyone for this page, getting new sign ups here as well as achieving 24/7 support to all my new members.

Welcome to WomVegas.

Does Facebook pay you for selling tex packages or for socializing No.
Wom Vegas doe's Join FREE Get your own website like mine.
Duplicate and you will be making money by tonight.
Need look no further.
No hype needed as guaranteed earnings daily.

I had so much fun setting this up, and yes their web master is very easy to use.
I AM An Upgraded Promo Kit Customer. PEARL
Plus I am the city promoter for Christchurch New Zealand.
Go and have a look and would love you to give a few businesses a tweet.

If ANY of MY Down line Purchases Advertising, Upgrades, Buys a Promo Kit, I earn commission's.
How to Advertise at a Virtual Convention and Start Your Own Internet Business ...
In Less Than 3 Minutes You Can Promote Anything on the Internet
Earn commission's from referrals by selling tex ad packages. Promoting, endless opportunities.

I upgraded to Pearl straight away, earning potential is huge.
Play games, be a city promoter, Just do it.
Team work = Daily Dollars.
Bonus Pool. Be Rewarded For Participation
So join me in building our team. Upgrade and let's get dollars rolling.

I also am a City Promoter for Christchurch.
See if you city has a promoter, if not suggest to grab it.
Only one person per city. Huge earning potential

Yes I have been online since 2009, wasted 1000's of dollars and hours
You benefit from all my donkey work.

Be aware of scam sites. Flashadcash and Your traffic Income are the worse I have seen. Autoxten, avoid at all costs. Still waiting for payments.

Do not join any new sites without asking members thoughts on these sites.

Lets get your account set up.

Due to Christchurch earthquake's I needed more than ever now to earn an income from home. Here I will achieve this.

Here's how to earn money and promote your new Wom Vegas site.

I thought it wise to write a page as a guide, as it all seems so simple but it still took me ages to get my brain around it. So you benefit from all my donkey work.

To achieve success you need to be involved. Follow this plan.
Your future earnings will be determined by your involvement.

Make sure to click meet up and chat, next affiliate marketing.
Then Dollar wise. Click request to join.

Here make sure to log in daily and blast your adds to all the Wom Vegas members.

Use this plan to promote Wom Vegas and Bizhoppers with.

Read this first before you continue. Join Bizhoppers here FREE .
(Click the word in blue. Once you have finished reading click the back arrow, top left on computer.)
http://bizoppers.com/?r=316859 Make sure to go Gold as soon as you can afford it. This way you can blast your url for Wom Vegas.

At Bizhoppers you will be swamped with invites to join sites.
Do not, as a lot are scams and will not generate any income.
Stick with the original sites you see at my profile page. Copy my plan and success will be yours after a few months.

Make sure to apply to be a Sales Agent. This is FREE.

Click on the right account. Click each box and read.

Click paid to rate and go and add your sites for the top 5 listed at Bizhoppers.

Click Advertise, add your tex adds and Platium adds.
Click create tex adds with images. The photo's need to be under 100.

Go and right click on my photo's you see at Bizhoppers they are the right size.
Save them then add them here.

If you upgrade to Opal Promo Kit - $25 You can add three photo platium adds.
This is the level I am upgraded at.
Go and see my wom sites. http://womvegas.com/womsite.php?ms=528&id=16727 Copy and duplicate. Add yours.
This is the banner I use at Vtrafficrush

City Promoter: Go and see if your city is available. This is new and the city's are getting taken at a fast rate.
So if yours is available, it will be the best investment for 2011.
Go to Christchurch New Zealand tweet my businesses and I will return the favour.
Yes let us all be in the top 30.
Receive emails like this. I love it. You have won a Top 30 prize!
I want to congratulate you on winning a $10 prize for pushing your Wom Vegas City Chat for Christchurch New Zealand into the Top 30 rankings today.
You have won $10 worth of Platinum Text Ads, PLUS 200 free surf sites credits, PLUS 100,000 points, which has been added to your account.

You can ask other people in the coffee shop to tweet your business listings also.
To send gifts click on person's photo then scroll down and select gift.

Click tex There you will find 93 advertisements that you can use as short classified advertisements or headlines. You can place these free at http://OOGads.com which is indexed by Google in a matter of hours, usually.
You may also place them anywhere else on the internet. Be sure to add your Sales Agent links.

Click links, this is where you will find all your promotional links.
GET YOUR OWN WEBSITE FREE ! Click on Your Account, Go To LINKS and look at all your Personal URL's With YOUR Own ID, that you can Use to Promote and Recruit For Wom Vegas.
I spent my first day just going through all the links inside.

Setting up your website.

GET YOUR OWN WEBSITE FREE ! Click on Your Account.


Duplicate my website, making sure to add your written articles from Wikinut's.
Earning an Income from home. Plus Weekly planner.
Keep it truthful. Follow the plan. Here you will have your links added not mine.

Click on My wom sites then click on add a new site.
I use the second template down on the left hand side'
This allows the writing to be in the middle of the page.
It will say A new website has been created.
Click here to return to edit your website..
Select one of your websites to edit. So click it will be the last entry.
Let's get started.
On the far right. leave the top column as is.
Click on Font Style: Scroll down and click on Aerial Black, click summit.
Below this you will see boxes. Write the best description for what you site is about.
Meta Tag Title:
Meta Tag Description:
Meta Tag Key Words: Then at right click summit

Above Banner click add background picture I like a small picture because then it is in the background lots of times.
I change a photo I like to 500 width on my computer.
Follow the instructions very easy. Click Browser and add
A box will come up and go through it slowly, clicking all the red boxes, remembering to click submit when finished. Or it will say to click edit.

Check out my page on Earthquakes for example see how at the top left corner I promote my two paying sites.
Be sure to join them to add your urls there.

Start Advertising at WomVegas.

Make sure to join FREE then spread the word at the social networking sites.
By promoting them at WomVegas, Bizoppers and swom.

Make sure to click on HOME then click above What is Wom Vegas.
Read and click Free city chat and place your advert.

Make sure to go to account and click Banners at Wom Vegas, this is new and you can promote one of your other sites throughout the Wom Vegas Net work. FREE

Start Promoting your new WomVegas Website.

Most Important get your banners seen.
Banner I use.

Safe lists and Traffic Exchanges. Are brilliant to promote your new website with.
I use all these sites to promote at.
I Upgraded at each site monthly, building my list over the years.

Check the Weekly Planner for how to add the Safe lists and operate them.
Go here and join my top paying traffic exchanges.


I purchased this page in 2009 with my down line earnings. Cost $150.00
Best investment. Make sure to join from this page, then send in support ticket to claim free credits. This will get you started with promoting.
Try to upgrade as you can afford it, then you just log in monthly, allocate your credits.

Go and Join these safe lists, You click View and Earn Daily. I also advertise and they are the best sites I have tested that give me returns.


These two below you can get yearly upgrades for $10-$20 Suggest to do so

Remember to duplicate this page and send all your new down line members to it.
This will give you extra earnings as well as at Wom Vegas.

Remember to click the blue highlighted words. these will send you to other pages I have written.

Advertising for Wom Vegas.

Copy and Paste, remember to put in your urls not mine.

Does Facebook pay you for selling tex packages or for socializing No.
Wom Vegas doe's Join FREE Get your own website like mine. YES FREE>
Duplicate and you will be making money by tonight.

Need look no further.

No hype needed as guaranteed earnings daily.


Add to list at Wom Vegas in the business room.
Welcome, my name is Maree.
Yes I joined only a couple of days ago, but was so impressed that I upgraded straight away.
Due to the Chch earthquake's I need more than ever now to earn an income from home.
Here I will achieve this.
So join me in building our team. Upgrade and let's get dollars rolling.
Here's how to earn money and promote your new wom vegas site.

http://nut.bz/2xw8u62t/ Bizhoppers success.

Make sure to set aside 10 minutes and read before participating.

Remember to write your own pages and replace my referral links.

Simplified step by step guide on how and where to promote.
Yes I have been online since 2009, wasted 1000's of dollars and hours
You benefit from all my donkey work.
Hi My name is Maree and I live in Christchurch NZ. Yes I have been online since 2009 wasted 1000's of dollars and hours but now earn 1000's monthly. Luckily as I really needed to pull all resources out after the Earthquakes, Check out my profile page. View some photo's and writings about the earthquakes. Earn $15 - $45 Per hour Proven Income. Just follow the plan.

Yes earn $$$ at WomVegas.

1. Go to the city chat rooms and find a business listing and then click on "Tweet This".
2. Anytime someone clicks on your link from Twitter to the business listing, you earn points.
3. You can earn anywhere from 500 to 10,000 points per click.
4. If you are the first one to comment on a post here to congratulate, you earn points.
5. You do not earn points for congratulating yourself, you do not earn points for clicking on your own Twitter links. (Hint, tweet lots of business listings).
Follow my guide and be earning $$$ by tonight.

Go to Games and click then scroll down to Pick a Door Game.
You get to do this once, which gives you points to start promoting at WomVegas.

Once again study the site.
Or just click coffee shop and ask away. You are not allowed to advertise here.
I found this a valuable asset.

Duplicate my Advertising Promotions. For my top 5 sites.

Just Copy and Paste these. Make sure to change my urls for your's.

It is so important to be truthful and honest. Build trust with your down line.

Ready to earn $3000-$8000 monthly. Lock in FREE
Watch your sales take off to new heights. Lock in now. Pre launch.
http://maree.STIFORPBuilder.com (Change to your url.)
Recommended by a trusting admin. No scam just brillant.
The secret is in the system. No selling. No meetings. No pressure.
This is how I will be building my down line's to my favourites sites and getting dollars rolling.
Yes earning $3000-$8000 per month. The sky really is the limit.
Take the tour now FREE Guarantee you will lock in and be ready for launch.

The new way Home business is done
Breath new life into all your Business opportunities

Gaining visibility for your own opportunities:
Doe's Facebook pay you NO
Bizhoppers doe's.
Yes paid to socialize. Yahoo.

This bonus alone can be worth more to you than all the commissions you'll be earning. What if you could recruit new members into your own business opportunities on a consistent basis? That's what this highly targeted exposure can give you.

Compare it to a small classified ad in the Friday Edition of USA Today. An ad like this will cost you $340 for only one day of exposure.

Join FREE explore and I am sure you will go gold like 18.000 other members.

How I avoid scams. I stick with the original sites.
Never join copy cat sites. Only join sites recommend by Bizhopper Admin.

Do not go jumping from one site to the next, in the search for quick cash.
You will not find it. It takes time to build your down line.
You will reap the rewards a few months down the track.


See you on the other side

This Money Maker is Going CRAZY!!
And it has something for EVERYONE!

Join FREE then receive Welcome email to best little down line down under.
Simplified step by step guide on how and where to promote Just been Paid.

Newbies beginners need look no further .1. Just Been Paid's - "JSS Tripler"

*This is the Fuel feeding the FIRE!

*Withdrawing $100 - $150 a DAY and re-purchasing.
Yes with reinvesting you can be earning this down the track. Long term goal.

The JSS Tripler is currently my #1 program online and is
providing me with the necessary cash to cover my costs to pay for all my upgrades at my other 25 sites.

This program launched on February 17th, 2011 and has been going
strong since launch. Over 200 new members join each
and every day. Receive 2% per day 7 days a week!

24/7 money generator. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Yearly.
Yes I am building my empire. Reinvesting and withdrawing dollars as well.

Finually a honest Admin that pays within 24 hours. This is the only site I trust with my investments.

Do not join copy cat sites. Start with the original. No scams just dollars daily.

See you on the other side. No hype needed as Proven.


Follow me at twitters kabynzara


Viral Advertising. Yes $$$ rolling daily.
I received signups day one. Yes and cash day two.
Why would you promote or join any other site. No Scam Honest and Paying.
No monthly fees, just a one time small payment and you are in for life!
The benefits of a pro membership?
Rotate up to 5 banners instead of only one!
Play and Win on the Viral grid. Daily Yahoo
Free members get 10 free daily chances to win money, and pro
members 25. It is very simple! Just click a spot on the grid,
a new window will open where you will view a site from the
Viral Pool for 10 seconds. When the timer ends, you will
instantly know if you are a winner!
Get your banners seen on the pages of, and gain viral traffic from, all 5 levels of your down line instead of only 1!
Free and pro members get 20% commissions from all direct referrals and pro members also get 40% commissions from all 5th level referrals through vTrafficRush's unique upside-down commission structure! That is a 60% payout to pro members!
When the countdown ends, the offer expires and will be gone forever! Take advantage of this offer for a lifetime pro membership and save $20!
A few people have been wondering about making money on vTrafficRush.com so I thought I would share with you the top 10 earners.
It works IF you work it!
Brilliant to build your down line at your favourite sites and get dollars rolling daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
See you on the other side.

Time to Relax.

Seems a lot, but really it is not.

This is my day job, I spend at least 6 hours a day, building my business.
I just do it at home instead of going into an office.

Follow the plan and in no time at all you will be earning.

Then you will get lots of spare time, while still earning in the back ground.
Yes do some writing like I do at wikinuts I love it.
Or do some gardening, the choices are endless.

So just Click View Earn and Enjoy.
Remember I have been doing this since 2009.
It takes time, duplication, dedication, communication and participation to achieve success.
Expecting everything for nothing results in nothing.
Be happily surprised with your earnings six months down the track.

Some more sites I advertise my top 5 sites at.
Join one or two each week. Expanding sites to promote at.

Join FREE then click team and join Dollar Wise I just upgraded so our down line can earn together working as a team.

Pay for clix sites. You earn from down line clicks as well. Great for advertising Wom Vegas at



Dollars, Dollars Daily, Income From Home Easy Earning, Operating, Success

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