Women Love Beards!

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Here are some tips and tricks that will help you impress them ladies with your facial hair!

Types of Beards

So if you want to impress a woman, AND like having a beard, this is exactly what you need to read!

There has been a study that says that women prefer men, with a stubble. The reason is that the stubble does not necessarily make you look older than you actually are, and it doesn’t really put you in the category of the “boyish” look. It is reflects that person is masculine and also takes care of their body. Which is something that most women are attracted to.

If you are a clean shaved guy, the women perceive it as if you are really young, and your image in their head, is more of a boy, which is where you do NOT want to be. For some males it can be difficult to grow out beards, but consistent maintaining of the facial hair, and you can not really do anything about it. Also another reason why clean shaved does not work as much, is because it brings all the focus of the audience to your facial features, and sometimes, there are things on our faces that we want to hide. SO that is why a stubble is a good approach, even if it IS light.

There are women who LOVE men with long beards, because it reflects a sign of a MAN, and it is true. Men with long beards are considered to be a father material. But there are also women who think that a very large beard, reflects that the person does not put in time to groom themselves and make them presentable. Not saying that long beards are bad, but most of the times, they are not as well maintained by men.

Now for the men with beards, they LOVE men with long beards because of the masculine connection. It shows a sign of becoming buddies and friends.

All in all, guys stubble is the way to go, if you want to impress them ladiess!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th May 2013 (#)

My wife would kill me if I grew a beard.

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author avatar Deepti Sharma
17th May 2013 (#)

Hehe, I guess some women like it clean. :) As long as it makes them happy!

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author avatar vpaulose
19th May 2013 (#)

Interesting Deepti.

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author avatar Deepti Sharma
19th May 2013 (#)

Thank You sir.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
9th Jul 2013 (#)

Clean or unshaven a man got to make himself appealing.Global surveys have shown that women like their men both ways.A lot of men with beards lack maturity as well.It depends on the individuals outlook.Sometimes women who have men with beards tend to find clean shaven men alluring.

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