Women are in good conditions?

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The overall conditions of women in Bangladesh is not well enough...

Women are in excellent shape in Bangladesh!

While interviewed about the perceptions of empowerment of women in the family 58% women who are living in the joint family responded Education as the key factor, while who are living with single family turned out to be 48%. But what makes them empowered in the society is responded differently; for joint and single family women responded Education still the case 37%. For single living women Social status is more valuable 39% than education. Averagely For empowerment in the society issue education is voted 24 (37%), Finance 26%, Social status 37%. While the family empowerment Education is 51%, Finance 17%, and social status 32%. From the above study it is found that women have an opportunity to make a choice about at least some key elements relating to their interests in the family.
Secondly, they at least have some opportunity to use their ‘says’ on some aspects of family. Thirdly, there are evidences that the choice resulted in the desired result of the women folks and the rate is in a positive trend.
Women who are working and contributing to the family economy have achieved the right of participation in different forms. The four key elements viz., access to information, inclusion and participation, accountability and local organizational capacity, have been found in an encouraging mode of action and trends are found to be farther improving.
To conclude the empowerment of women in our society is not depending upon any one or two factors which we normally deemed to be, rather this is a complex socio-economic-cultural issues that are molded together to create phenomenon which make a women empowered in the family and society in our country. Lastly more in depth psychological research is needed for a longer period of time to find our which changes society, values and perceptions in our society. But generally the study shows indeed education, and financial contribution give working women at least some footholds both in the society and family. This makes the society to understand women as human being irrespective of gender focused views.

What should be done to rectify problems?

1. Empowerment should be social movement. Attitude of women in the family is needed to be changed positively. Most of the cruelties, family feuding and physical and mental torture of women occur by women directly or indirectly. It is widely said that women are women’s foes.
2. Senior and other non-working women folks in the family veto opinion against Women's working outside, not by men.
3. Total educational focus needs to be changed in a way to change the values and beliefs of women and society.
4. A recent research reveals that any human resource problems derived in the office could be successfully resolved if opposite genders are negotiated rather than same sexes. This also stands correct in support of the earlier recommendations.
5. Empowerment in social, economic, and personal sectors improved significantly over the past few decades only the other managerial empowerment is found to be lagging behind slightly. One of the main reasons is that traditionally business education has been considered as the subject for men; women were normally choosing or induced to choose subjects like non-business which made them non-efficient in the field of business or economics. This trend or practice also been changing – may be some more time needed for big change.
6. Gender issues to be carefully addressed in the childhood at schools, not in the office. All men and women should be taken as human beings not merely as men and women. It is not also recommended to do positive discriminations or other favors that would make women inefficient and ineffective or eventually put them in a vicious circle of worthless loss for the organization. Let them stand and fight, fight for their rights and that would empower them best.
7. Social empowerment should be an integrated empowerment (see figure 1) practice in combination of educational empowerment, economic/financial empowerment, managerial empowerment, legal empowerment, political empowerment and finally the socio-cultural empowerment.

8. To work on empowering the workingwomen the development practitioners should emphasize on the legal and cultural sectors by developing awareness project, legal advising project, corporate level seminars and symposiums and mostly through motivational campaign.

Social Empowerment of workingwomen is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. There is no denying fact that, financial solvency although has infused empowerment among the women in general but in case of working women integration of other empowerment issues should get upper hand to create a true practice. With this end in view, Bangladesh Government, NGOs and related agencies to play a vital role to promote empowerment in socio-economic standpoint and to promote the empowerment scenario of Bangladesh, we must try to change the social value system, which is still a great challenge for many developed countries also, indeed.


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This is a great revelation, Md. Wonderful post.

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Thank you for this information, Md.

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