Workshop - Addiction to cigarettes and possible ways Withdrawal

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Workshop about addiction to cigarettes and possible ways withdrawal. This workshop is intended for high school students.

Addiction to cigarettes and possible ways Withdrawal

At the beginning of the class teacher with students through dialogue, check the basic knowledge of addiction cigarettes:
Most of you know probably alkaloid that is found in cigarettes and the addictive about them. It is nicotine, a psychoactive substance that creates a sense of apparent relaxation. Each alkaloid is relaxing or otherwise razgaljujuće mind, but it is more suggestive. We know that some people can drink coffee for example (which contains caffeine) and after that no problems sleeping. Why nicotine is if it works relaxing not sold in pharmacies as a tranquilizer. Any matter before some expert will tell you that we used for positive purposes, examines and considers general ratio of its good and bad indication. If indeed the cigarette does not cause discomfort if it has more side effects than some positive effects (in this case, relaxation). If yes, what are the side effects? Which is another ingredient found in cigarettes other than nicotine? It is a tar or tar. Its effects on the body?

Do people smoke cigarettes only reason to relax or find some other reason? What are the reasons? Reasons why young people of your age are deciding to take this step (start smoking)?

The Department will be divided into three groups. Each group needs to exhaust the number of possible consequences for the person who is user about cigarettes. After that, all will extract what they think is "possibly" a good that is linked to consumption of cigarettes. The group will have a scorer who will organize two sections of good and bad qualities of smoking.

On the board, we make three columns in the first two to enter good and bad effects of smoking that are separated group members. Once we make a weight comparison feature to the class. Which has the consequence more. third section we bring preventive measures and possible ways of quitting while we praise most original evaluate solutions.

We advise students who smoke to try some of these solutions to be left free of addiction. If they are provided when possible resistance that we need to be persistent and put emphasis on the mental strength and character ie students to have confidence in those segments of his personality. The student will appreciate if his teacher indicate confidence that he can do about the uniqueness there is no real possibility that he will try.

Establish at its discretion three groups that will work panels on the following topics:

1. First Harmful effects of smoking
2. Second Prevention of smoking
3. Possible ways of quitting.

On the day of the fight against smoking, students will present their work before the student council and it is advisable to call the GP council to hold a workshop on the topic mentioned.

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