Workshop - Difficulties and irregularities in transmitting messages

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Message in a transfer between multiple entities, can lose accuracy, which can later cause conflict between the transferor ii recipient messages. The goal of this workshop is to alert participants to the possibility of erroneous transmission and its consequences.

Difficulties and irregularities in transmitting messages

Conflicts often arise between people because of certain irregularities during the communication. Misunderstandings distrust, confusion and chaotic conditions in social groups are just the result of poor communication skills and unbuilt between subjects. There are basically two types of factors that hinder and prevent communication namely:

a) Noise or stimuli in the environment that interfere with communication.
b) Some psychological factors in subjects who communicate.

Noises or stimuli from the environment can complicate communication and to some extent prevent such interference, but are temporary. That is why we can say that in this case the people who exchanged messages there is motivation for it and if they can not do it right away, we will transfer the message later. These noises can be: the sound of cars, loud stories of people in the room, the music in the disco, etc.

Psychological factors in subjects that communicate to a much greater extent affect the communication and can create real difficulties and irregularities in transmitting the message. They just depend on the overall personality of the participants in communication and directly influence its course.
These factors can include:

a) Difficulties in listening because listening is a skill that needs practice.

b) Halo effect, which creates problems when the real time assessment of an individual. The student teacher will rarely convey completely realistic an event relating to school if the teacher is looking for information. Students of teachers often have prejudices that are too strict, they are too old to understand it, etc. By a similar situation occurs in conversations between students and their parents

c) confabulation, psychic phenomenon popularly popularly called gossip. We will point out to students that the human memory is not infallible. It appeared some "holes" in the midst of the process of forgetting that one tends to fill based on my own experience and existing attitudes. To specify presented to students this phenomenon reports are the next exercise. We'll tell the students to line up chairs in a circle and the teacher will sit in the middle. Student with his left hand to his ear quietly going to tell the following story:
Last night at around 19.00h Shipyard in a collision. Green BMW whose driver was a girl in drunk crashed into the side metallic gray Ferrari, during which the driver sustained minor injuries. A collision has occurred because the driver of the Ferrari, which was coming from the direction of downtown was conceived and was not looking for the vehicle's right side. The problem was all the greater as the chain reaction collision occurred because they were black and purple Shevrolet and Pontiac back rammed Ferrari. The whole event looked sign up taxi drivers who crash and police arrived within 45 minutes.
The story goes quietly from student to student in the clockwise direction. The last student in the circle to what he heard tell aloud. This version will compare to the original version of the story, after which we will notice that it is to be significantly different-specific information is lost while appearing entirely new that did not exist at the beginning.

d) Lack of vocabulary or poor reading due to which it can reach the poor, the lack of exposure that can be misinterpreted. Sometimes the information to another person seems different than what we wanted to say because of inadequate expression.

e) The discrepancy between verbal and nonverbal communication.

Students ask the following questions:

- What factors influence the creation of more difficulties and irregularities in communication, noise or psychological factors)
- Did you ever appeared in halo effect when you conversationwith a parent or teacher? Did you have confidence in them? If not why?
- What are the negative effects of gossip?
- What it means to be a good listener, and he must have the characteristics?
- To generally in life can overcome the conflicts caused by irregularities and difficulties in transmitting the message.


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