Worst test drive experience of a German Car

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This article provides the experience of a test drive of a German car.

German Cars

German Cars are well know for their engineering. Being a Maruti fan, I thought of test driving a German Car.

The office

Well, when I step down inside their office for a walk in test drive, the first impression was very good. They took my driving licence and prepared a gate pass. Great professionalism inside the office.

Test drive experience

I started the car, but the could not, the German car had a different kind of way to start the car. So my first attempt, I could not start the car. My second bad experience was that when I was begining to change the gear, I saw that the gearing system was very difficult. The first gear was straight and reverse gear was also straight instead of back. It was very difficult to understand and change the gears. The Engine was very noisy. When, I complained, they informed me that it is old car and hence the Engine is noisy. When, I changed the indicators, it was difficult because instead of pressing the indicator knob, by mistakingly I pressed the wiper knob. Well, German cars have indicator knob on the left side and not on the right side, unlike Maruti Cars. Have been driving Maruti cars for last 5 years and hence could not adjust. Overall experience was very bad. I m not saying that German cars are bad, but personally I did not find any great engineering in car or that matter the quality of ride as well. Every time I took a right or a left, I would press the wiper knob (that too without water!). Every time I stopped at a signal, I was afraid, how would I adjust to starting with the first gear. Reverse Gear was a night mare! Now regarding the features of the car. I was driving the top end variant and it did not have the following features, which were dearer to me -

1. Electronically adjustable mirrors;
2. Indicators mounted on the mirrors; and
3. Steering mounted controls.

I was suprised the top end variant of that German car did not have any of the above feature and was costlier than the Maruti Car (which had all the aforesaid important features) by ₹ 50,000.

Feedback and comments

I indicated to the person in their office, I was not interested in buying that German car, because of lack of features and unable to adjust to gearing and other knobs. I told them to please enter the feedback in written. But the person refused to do so. Probably, because I already indicated that I was not going to purchase their car. Hence, they did not wish to accept my feed back in writing.

They also mentioned that many customers have the same complaint as I have done. But nothing has been done so far.

Since the Indian office refuse to accept my written suggestions, hence this article. Hopefully, due to popularity of Wikinut, the German Car manufacturer must read this article and try to include the above features in their Indian car (at no extra cost).

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author avatar Funom Makama
27th Mar 2012 (#)

great article

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author avatar aerial
28th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank u!

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
4th Apr 2012 (#)

Interesting experience you had, aeriwal. May I extend a warm welcome to wikinut.

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author avatar aerial
5th Apr 2012 (#)

Thank u Mr Steve for liking my experience.... and Thanks for your warm welcome...... looking foward to read your article as well!

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author avatar Larry Roge
21st Dec 2012 (#)

The blogger has given a different experience of his riding a German car. He has enjoyed the car ride. But in the opinion It can be said that German cars are good enough.

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