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Do you live in the country? Have you ever lived in the country? Do you dream about moving to the country someday? Do you love the thought of living the country life-style? Even if you answered “No” to the first two question but can answer “Yes” to the second two questions, then you can live the country life-style today by writing about it for “Country” and “Country EXTRA” magazines and earn good money in the process. Learn how here.

“Country” and “Country EXTRA” Magazines.

Country magazine was launched in 1987 and is published six times a year. Published for people who live in the country and for people who yearn to live in the country, it had a niche market all its own. Available mostly by subscription, it subscriber base today is over 1.2 million readers. Because the readers of Country wanted a magazine every month, Country EXTRA was created to fill the gap.

Much of Country and Country EXTRA is staff written but articles and fillers, as well as high quality photographs, written and taken by freelancers appear in each issue.

All Freelance Submissions.

All unsolicited manuscripts, known in bygone days as “Over the Transom” manuscripts, are accepted as being written on “Spec”--written on a speculative basis. Once you have established yourself as being a writer that the editors can depend upon to meet deadlines and produce quality work time and time again; once you have shown the editors that you were not just a “flash in the pan” with just one good article in you; they will start sending assigned articles your way. Once that happens, you are no longer writing on spec and you know that there will be a check in the mail.

Country and Country EXTRA both pay on publication. Both magazines pay $250 for any story/article that runs a full page in length or longer. There is one exception to this rule and that is for God's Country text-and-photo features that run 8 to 10 pages in length. God's Country features pay a flat $2,000. Country EXTRA also publishes poetry and pays $50 per poem upon publication.

For those of you who may not know what paid upon publication really means, it means that once a manuscript is accepted by a publication that pays on publication that they own it. It also means that there is no time limit on when they have to publish it and then pay you—it could two months or two years after they accept it. The good news is that with these two magazines it has always been six months or less, unless it is a holiday article and that holiday is still further in the future i.e. if you write a Christmas article and Christmas is ten months away, you will wait ten months to get paid. The good news is that once these magazines accept your work, you know you have money that is as good as in the bank. One other thing that you need to be aware of, these magazine do not return unsolicited manuscripts, not even if you include a SASE for that purpose, so make sure you keep a copy in your files. One really bad thing is that they never acknowledge that they have received an unsolicited manuscript either. Even with those two negatives in mind, these two publications are worth writing for and I make that unequivocal statement based on personal experience.


Unsolicited photographs, like unsolicited manuscripts, are never returned so never send an original photograph, always send a duplicate copy. Sending a duplicate copy in place of the original is especially important if you are dealing with an irreplaceable, historic photograph. The photos you submit may be color prints, transparencies, or high-quality digital images.

Making a Submission.

To make a submission to either Country or Country EXTRA, send your manuscripts with photos to:
Ms. Robin Hoffman
5400 S. 60th Street,
Greendale, WI 53129.
For photo only submissions, send them to:
Ms. Trudi Bellin, Photo Coordinator
5400 S. 60th Street,
Greendale, WI 53129.
Queries and over the transom submissions may also be made by email by emailing them to editors@country-magazines.com .

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2nd Jun 2012 (#)

I got to the prime in my life and bought a place in the country and within months the recession wiped out the dream. I may follow this up.

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3rd Jun 2012 (#)

Good luck, Peter.

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26th May 2013 (#)

Ad-a-boy Champ -

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