Write for Pleasure and Profit at the Same Time

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Thanks to the development of internet, people who have passion for writing can now make use of their skill and their passion to have fun and earn some money at the same time. Here in this article, explore all the things that writing can do to your life.

Writing for Pleasure

Writing can be boring for other people, they may want to speak for a long time than sit and write their thoughts silently. But for some other people, including me, writing can be like a playground, where you have fun and explore new things. One thing that is very important for writers is how they will organize their thoughts. We simply write what is on our head, how we understand things and how we want to clarify those thoughts and see them on print. Personally, I enjoy writing because I am free to share my thoughts and opinion regarding a topic. This is one way to share what I know.
Writing could be rather simple, all you need is your pen and your paper, your hand and your mind. At this age, you also need your laptop or computer to type all those words. If you are a person who loves to read you would certainly love to write also. It is a quiet activity that sometimes you lost track of time.
At present, I earn a living through writing. It is good for me that what I really love to do is my work right now. The internet is a lot of help for writers. Even if you did not have a formal course about writing you can learn it by yourself with the aid of the internet. There are hundreds of online writing guides to help you get started. There are so many articles posted everyday where you can get your ideas.

Writing for Profit

Before you think of writing for profit, you must first enjoy writing because it is difficult if you just want the profit and force yourself to write. Writing should be your main interest. There are so many writing opportunities in the internet that one should explore.
Now people always say “Content is king”, that means to say if you really love writing just go ahead and do a nice write up, who knows? Maybe what you are going to write next will really be like a king, popular and in-demand. Categories to write about are many, there is one topic you surely are expert and can write something about. If you want to be a serious and professional writer however, you need to polish your grammar and follow standard styles in writing. If you just want to be more free and casual you can try to post with blogs or join forums and discussions online.
The potential to profit with writing is great. But, you need to be patient and learn from a lot of mistakes. Surely, with your determination to be a successful writer you will one day see how much you improve by practicing your skill and being well inform or updated every day. Writers can write articles, e-books, reviews, essays, opinions, news, poems, short stories and many more. With the aid of computers and the internet, writers have more opportunities now more than ever.
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author avatar Rathnashikamani
21st Sep 2011 (#)

Good ideas for pleasure and profit.

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author avatar Jack Wellman
21st Sep 2011 (#)

Great advice my friend. I appreciate this so much. I think its a win-win when we can write for pleasure and have the benefit of making some money.

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author avatar vpaulose
23rd Sep 2011 (#)

Interesting. Thank you for comment also. Request your friendship.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
23rd Sep 2011 (#)

Very good article Averygirl, I enjoyed it, thank you;-))

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