Writer’s First Sunday Union Together

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Writers can give other writers encouragement by sending friendly email messages or talking on chats. This will help other writers feel inspired to write more informative article, breath taking poems, great looking slideshows, and great sounding audios.

Writer’s First Sunday Union Together

Come one come all, and let’s spread a lot of inspiration through this writing community. Has life blessed you with much creativity? Why not share it today with a writer or two on this great Sunday.

Sundays are a time to reflect on the rest of the week. What are your goals? How can you encourage others to never give up on their dreams?

Writers can share many poems about life, love, and how to cope with life’s trials better. Writers can write as many articles as possible. Their creativity will flow and leave a lasting impression on more than one soulful writer.

I would like ask God to bless you this day and all week long. I pray he will leave you all inspired, and that you never are at a lose for words.

Would anyone like to inspire the writing community by placing a prayer in the comment box? Don’t all raise your hands at once. LOL! I’ve read many of articles and poems and know how talented you all are, so who has a great prayer in mind that will lead us through this week with more than just one article or poem in us. Now that would be a powerful prayer.

Even if you don’t know what you believe, you can still leave a positive thought and maybe one day we’ll all join hands in prayer together.

This Sunday Union is more than just about leaving a prayer. It’s about leaving comments to keep the writing community in smooth running order, that’s full of creative surprises. You all have got what it takes to help build our writing community strong. Start out by leaving words of encouragement and hope for the newcomers in the community.

Now, leave more comment notes that will fill the rest of the writer’s souls with the true spirit of what it is like to tell a story like it is, tell about an interesting topic with creative flair, or a poem that will light up the sky and speak to every writer who has the desire to become just like you; a great writer.

I’ll start!

God bless everyone here today come rain or come shine. Give all those who read this an extra boost of creativity and unique style. In Jesus’ name I pray.

Thought for the week:

Try looking up a friend. Give them a call, and ask them about their day. It may just inspire your writing spirit to create another masterpiece of information or write a breathtaking poem.

Now, what is your encouraging thought for today?


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Oct 2010 (#)

I am sharing the love by clicking the thumbs up Facebook button!

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author avatar CHAN LEE PENG
3rd Oct 2010 (#)

Writers need a boost. :-)

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author avatar Denise O
4th Oct 2010 (#)

May our ink wells never dry out and may our batteries stay charged in our camera's...
Thanks Jenny.

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