Writing guest content for blogs - what, how and why?

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Writing content for other people has obvious benefits for them, but what are the upsides for you? I thought it would be interesting to try an experiment.

What to write?

I wrote a guest post for the Make Money Online blog about Wikinut which was kindly published to their audience.

If you need some ideas for what to write, I'll offer 3 suggestions:

  1. Be original. By this I don't mean some new work of genius, I simply mean don't just cut and paste from another author. It shows little respect for site owners if you try to pass some obviously copied work off as your own.
  2. Target your writing. Spend a little time browsing the site to which you are submitting. Get a flavour for the type of content they publish, the topics and styles. Try to tailor your copy to suit the site.
  3. Write what you know. Stick to subjects about which you feel knowledgeable and comfortable. This will make the piece easier and quicker to write, and should make your post more readable.

How to submit your post?

Find a contact address on the site, and if possible try to write a personal email to the owner or editor.

Explain the background to your post, what you are offering (free use to publish and modify) and what you expect in return (an author credit, a bio, a link to you site, etc).

Why should you bother?

OK, this is the interesting bit. There are quite a few motives for offering content - ego, self-promotion - but mine was to raise the profile of Wikinut, and get some results for this little experiment. Therefore, I wrote a page about how Make Money Online readers could earn money writing content for Wikinut.

Primarily I was looking for exposure. So just 7 days later, did I get any? Here are the stats after the first week:

  1. A search for the (unique) first sentence of my post returns 173 results on Google.
  2. This results are spread across dozens of different sites.
  3. A Twitter search returns over 20 tweets directly referencing my article - with a cumulative 20,000+ followers between them.
  4. And without giving away too much, the Make Money Online blog directly sent hundreds of motivated visitors - many of who signed up.

This demonstrates the power of the web - a single post can rapidly spread across the internet via a variety of methods and mediums. Remember, these results were after just 7 day. So why not think about guest writing yourself?


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author avatar Kevin Muldoon
5th Jan 2010 (#)

The main benefits of guest posting is direct traffic from the site you are guest posting on and indirect traffic from having more SEO juice.

Though if you write one article and it's displayed across several sites, your article is probably being scraped by auto blog software.

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author avatar Dana Webb
9th Jan 2010 (#)

What does being scraped by auto blog software mean?

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author avatar Sikaz
10th Jan 2010 (#)

I personally think this is good for those who have the gift of writing and who can write fast enough within a short time.

Besides, writing for other people gives you some sense of confidence that your writing is seen by others as worthy of
publication on their site.

Just watch out for those who may not allow you to use a backlink or biodata on their site because that in itself is a disadvantage afterall you are doing the job for free.

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author avatar Pisatel6
15th Nov 2010 (#)

I'm baffled by Wikinut. I've published 28 articles without receiving a pfennig. Evey time I contact the site, I ask for an explanation of what is missing or incorrect about my details. I have never had a reply. I'm curious to read coments on my recent submissions but don't know how to find my way to the right page.

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