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We reckon that anybody can write a page on Wikinut regardless of their age, internet experience or ability. Here we walk you through your first page.

What will your page be about?

We'd recommend you choose a subject with which you are very familar, as this will mean you can focus on using the editor rather than thinking about your content. And although not necessary, it will help if you have a suitable image or photo ready to use as pages look so much better with some imagery published.

If you are reading this, chances are you've already got a topic in mind but if not you could try reading our 8 ideas for Wikinut articles page.

The structure of a Wikinut page

All Wikinut pages follow the same pattern. They begin with a title, a short name for your page. Hopefully this is pretty self-explanatory but you can read our guide to writing better titles for more ideas.

Next we ask you to provide page tags. These may sound a little confusing but in reality are very simple. They are simply words and phrases - each separated by commas - that help to describe your page, and help readers to find your page. They are a bit like the terms you type into search engines to find web sites, so think of them like that. Read out guide to Wikinut tags for more info.

Then follows the page summary, which is a brief paragraph that describes your page content. This is shown throughout Wikinut whenever we show a list of pages, so is a chance to catch the attention of your readers. We offer a guide to writing better summaries.

And last but definitely not least are sections, where you write the main copy of your page. Each has a title, and then a body of text that can include links, formatting and up to 1 image. You can stick with just the one section, or add additional sections as you need them. They might sound a bit complex but once you've used the editor once you'll get the hang of them. You can read more about sections.

Splitting your content between sections is a nice way of organising your page, and the sections titles are a neat way of helping your reader browse your page if they are looking for a specific piece of information.

Saving your page

As you are writing your page, you should reguarly use the Save draft option (found in both the bottom bar and in the top right menu). This will ensure you don't lose any work if you lose your internet connection, or your computer crashes etc.

Once you are happy with your page and feel it is ready to be reviewed by a moderator, you should click Publish article. This will then add your page to a list waiting for review. After moderation your page will either be published which means you'll begin to get readers and earn money, or the moderator will feedback any changes they feel are required.


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