Wrong Decisions! How you analyze?

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The way you analyze your data can determine the probability of making a wrong decision

Data Analysis

The first step in wrong decision is the selection criteria followed by the analysis of the data obtained for the criteria. This plays a crucial role as our decision is based on the analysis of the data. In our field, we always try to know the best in the business. Several strategies, methodologies, processes and criteria have been tried to answer this relatively simple solution.

Why so much effort?

Many smart people know that to avoid unwanted attention, it is sometimes important to lay low. In other cases, it is just that no one is perfect and different people are good in different parts of the same business. They need to be compared using a common yardstick.

All that glitters is not gold: An Example

Many online writers try to identify the best or most successful writer on a given publishing website. In one such scenario, an attempt was made to identify the best/most successful writer on triond. The methodology adopted was sorting the articles based on number of likes they have got and then identifying the number of article which each author have got in top 10. This resulted in identifying the author who wrote just five article and all were in Top 5. This made the author “tmpryid” an automatic winner of the competition.
The main hypothesis was that it is possible to get good number of visits by good marketing skills but it may be difficult to get likes by the people if the article is not good. The deeper analysis of those articles creates an impression that the results are too good to be true. It was found that author was no more publishing the articles and the content of article is not so good that it should shot to the rank 1. Further, no one has given any kinds of comments on such articles, which is somewhat hard to believe when more than 2000 visitors visit the site and like it.

Mystery not solved

The rank was a mystery like parseltongue which has not been solved till now. Many tried to solve it but no one has been successful so far.


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