Xeriscaping: Increase Efficiency of Your Home Garden Soil

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Many aspects of xeriscaping such as mulching remain undiscovered by the home garden experts. Similarly using plants that need lower quantities of water helps. If you are facing water shortage, you should take up xeriscaping for your home garden.

Improve quality of our home garden

When trying to increase the efficiency of your home garden by adopting new methods, one often tries to squeeze in more plants into lesser space. In xeriscaping, one tries to use less water over a fixed time interval but that need not result in a garden filled with desert plants. When scarcity of water is a factor one has to consider, xeriscaping does help.

Incorporate new principle of xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is new, and for this one has to plan the usage of water and scale out unnecessary components of the garden. Tone up garden soil so that plants perform better with lesser amounts of water. Lastly, yes, go in for plants that require a lesser amount of water.

Apply mulch to your garden

Gardening is a game and when one wins in due time, one has a wonderful garden. Mulching is a time saving process that helps increase quality of your garden soil. By mulching, you get rid of weeds and help increase the ability of your plants to fight drought and disease.

Any organic material such as wood chips, new leaves chopped, sawdust, paper and straw will work well. Use of inorganic material such as gravel, geotextiles and stones is also beneficial in areas where there is acute shortage of water. The main benefit is that mulching discourages new weeds from showing up. Opting for organic mulches helps improve the nutritive value of the soil since they decompose over time.

Use combination cropping

Many vegetables grow well with others saving time and space in your home garden. Use one of these combinations and if it does not work well fro you, substitute one of them with some other vegetable in your next cycle.
a) Tomato, basil, squash
b) Celery, beets, pole beans
c) Corn, radish, leaf lettuce

Use stakes and trellises

Many plants such as tomatoes, melons and pole beans grow better when you support them using trellises and cages. You get plants that grow profusely but occupy only the space above leaving you lots of space on the ground below. Trellises give an orderly appearance to your home garden.

Preparing mulches for your garden

Take time to prepare your garden mulching operation. Mulching reduces the water requirement of your garden enormously. This is because you trap the water in the lower layers of the garden bed. The various materials you could use are:
a) Grass that is just cut new
b) Shred leaves from trees and bushes
c) Wood chip or pieces of bark
When you lay the mulch, the bed must be free of any weeds and you lay so much mulch that any new weeds is incapable of sprouting. Mix in any common waste debris from the community waste dump. You can also buy truckloads of wood chips and trimmings from utility companies that take care of trees.

Make the layer 4—6 inches thick. Use inorganic mulch for flower bed borders and lining garden pathways. Do not use them in vegetable beds since you will be turning the soil over and inorganic material will only get in the way.

It is your garden and needs your attention

It does not matter whether you use organic or inorganic mulches so long as they are weed free and allow water to pass through freely. You can make them multilayered with your bottom layer organic. This helps your garden beds rich in nutrients and the inorganic layer on top protects the soil from erosion. This way you make your home garden more efficient.

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