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When anyone gets power, political power to be definite, he wants to relish it and retain it. He cannot be happy with any form of views from others, free thinking and democracy. He considers that he knows each and everything, and that he knows better than any other person. This is the crisis of power.

When you love to learn that you have learned all

brotee mukhopadhyay
(End of learning begins when you love to learn that you have learned all.)

You are the one

Unfortunately such a tendency occupies your mind when you are empowered to lead your fellow beings or when you secure a position to control and rule your fellow beings. Problems are there and questions are there and you need a quick solution and an immediate answer. As you have claimed that you are the one who has the best capacity and that you are the only one who knows how to find out the exact answer quicker than any other being, expectation grows within the people. You gradually feel the pressure exerted by the people encompassing you silently and slowly. You are in due course captured by a fear that you will be dethroned for any failure or that your incompetence will be exposed to all. Then it becomes imperative for you to wear a veil.

A doctrine helps you becoming power-monger

If you get a doctrine at your hand you may search to mine something out of it. If you gauge that the doctrine has features to relate the issues of your time and that there are ready receivers of the doctrine around you, you may declare yourself as the person determined to uphold it. Now it is a shelter for you or an instrument in your hand. Sometime you may have been moved as an individual for a noble cause and may have resolved to value it. It is not easy to conclude if you have been changed yourself to a power-monger on receipt of the taste of power which you have been allowed for a period or if you have prepared yourself to reach to such a destination from the start of your journey.

Power: Religion to democracy

Thus you will either attempt to champion something or patronize something. In the old days patronization of a particular religion by the monarch had such a base. There are examples in history to expand an empire in the name of spreading a particular religion. With the change of time you have traced ideas of capitalism and socialism. A person like Hitler has been successful to organize the intelligent people of Germany in the name of National Socialism and has been able to lead a modern nation to play the role of a butcher to finish the equally intelligent people of the Jews. The spectacle is essentially same from Stalin to other dictators of the modern times. Even in a territory where democracy is practiced as political order you will observe tendency to accumulate power in one hand or in the hands of a coterie.

Doctrine of Marxism and free thinking

Acquiring power as well as retaining power is only important to you and for this reason your realm of learning is miserably limited. Your urge for learning centers round this. A country with pronounced commitment to socialism is the best example. In such a country a central body with one chief at the top enjoys the absolute power. As the chief regards the doctrine of Marxism as omniscient his search for anything novel reaches to a fool stop. He is against any kind of free thinking. He opposes any alternative thinking. He is convinced that he knows better than any other individual. As he acquires power through conspiratorial means, he can hardly find himself ready to accept any other thinker. He is always afraid of a dangerous conspiracy built up against him and his central body.

He does not learn any more

Thus he does not learn anymore and nor he does allow anyone to learn further. Thus he initiates the end of learning unknowingly and paves way for the people to rebel in near future. That is a different story, of course.

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