You take the good, you take the bad (objectively) and it is all understood (if you let it be understood)

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Yesterday, I went boxing autograph hunting with a good friend of mine, and did not get a single signature on a single glove or piece of memorabilia. The thing about disappointment is, when it happens you do not like it. Yet, it is as much a part of life as elation and I want to give logical tips on how to deal with disappointment and how I deal with disappointment.


The psychologist Nathaniel Branden said pretty much that the philosophy of Objectivism when practiced wrongly leads to an ultimate sense of self-alienation, and he is right, I fully admit that, although Ayn Rand got angry at him for pointing that factor of Objective philosophy out. But, how you deal objectively with disappointment is as important as how you deal objectively with elation, and if you try to ignore one and exalt the other too much, it does lead to self-alienation. But, if you do take the good and take the bad and learn the lesson they both teach equally, you get the balanced and honest objective facts of life and existence without qualms.

Yesterday, I was trying to get autographs of the signatures of boxers and fighters with a good friend of mine, and although we came out without any signatures on any of the memorabilia we had with us, we came out with a lesson about life that speaks louder than any success we could have had. In essence, in failure, I calmly put my money where my mouth was instead of getting angry, crazy or "postal", kept my cool and led my friend Larry back to the car when it was time, also, I said and meant that we will succeed on another day.

The greatest victories come from accepting the lessons and not quitting when the going gets tough. In fact, I can say for every really bad let down, there is something in that let down that is a good lesson that will put you up even higher than you were let down. But you need to persist and search for it sometimes, it is not automatic, and cool needs to be kept in that hot condition after that temporary failure.

Also, I was watching the ABC TV show "Shark Tank" with my Mother last night, and realized that what I am writing about is fully real, honest and true. For, indeed, some of the "silliest" and most "failure-prone" products became some of the best sellers of those business people on the "Shark Tank" that invest in them and some you would expect to be "easily successful" end up in the failure "tank" and go nowhere except negatively egotistical "I want to quit" heaven full of fear of another failure. But, indeed, success, genuine success anyway is rooted in consistent failure and learning how not to do it. Expecting perfect success without failure is where self-alienation comes in, I understand. While genuine success comes after understanding genuinely how not to fail. Well!

Use your noodle to make more boodle!

The title of this section is the original publisher chosen title of Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich". Are we not glad that they used a title that fits the purpose of this literary classic? I think we all are, otherwise, there would have been a big void in self-help idea literature. Sure, someone else could have come up with something down the line considering the nature of the evolution of ideas and such, but, boy, when I think about the mistake that would have been in the now. I cannot help but think, "Wow, success does speak volumes and failure putts along until success is reached with persistence." That is the point to this idea here: Persistence creates ultimate results when practiced right, there is not any such thing as stubbornness unless you do the wrong thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Who knows, "Use your brain to get more sane"? Or a more wordy title for this article like I had before the current title of this series of article sections. My point is, persistence is good when you can change your approach, persistence is stubbornness when you cannot change your approach.

To my way of thinking:

Persistence and modeling others to get over "humps" and win against all errors to ultimately succeed for real is greatness. Not getting "lucky in an original way" or "beginner's luck" or whatever the rubes, idiots and fools who want to do it "the easy, lucky way" may call it.

I am a genuine Objectivist "full boar" or totally in that I endeavor to look at everything including the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty with honest objectivity. I give failure a chance to give me a lesson, and I take apart success in order to mass produce it to make more success when that happens. I do not depend on luck or chance, or what happens great "luckily" at the beginning, ever. That is not my nature. After all, success only works when it is repeatable, not on a whim. Not that I keep my emotions totally neutral or self-alienating (I have my share of "whining" and depression at times and my share of elation and happiness at times), but I do not let it all genuinely get me down or rule me to my own self-destruction. After all, was it not Ayn Rand who purposely twisted the words of Rene Descartes to say "I am, therefore I think" instead of "I think, therefore I am" in quite an objectively correct way anyway. You take the facts of life objectively and sense their lessons well and believe me you will get them to your benefit I understand.

My way of being

So, I learn from my mistakes and do better ultimately. But, I notice too many people go "Damn, failure is permanent" in their approach and act like failure is a prison that cannot be escaped. If approached realistically, that is not reality. The reality is: Permanent failure comes only to those who permanently quit. There is not any quit for me, just a change of approaches. What do you think happened to Miss New York Vanessa Williams in 1984 when she had to drop the Miss America crown anyway? Same principle works in all failure and success if you let it genuinely.

So, finally I quote Napoleon Hill accurately with all this said:

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit."

What did I say in my title? Let reality sink in.


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