You will clear your search history for these reasons!

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Why someone would clear browsing history? We think its always to hide something, but I have listed a number of situations and reasons that you should too consider. I am reading this, will make you clear your history in a few days.

Keeping Privacy

To hide something you don't want everyone else to see, there are many times when you want to hide something from someone, clearing your browser history is probably the first thing you do. Some of us even keep our history clear all times, whether its our mobile phone, laptop or desktop.

Make browsing faster

Some people believe that clearing search history will clear out temporary data and make space available for more, cache storage will be faster, overall browsing speed will be affected.

To clear out saved login data or passwords

Signing out of a lot of different accounts becomes a difficult task, if you are in habit of ticking the 'remember me' checkbox, and someone wants to use your computer, you can clear browsing data, it will sign you out of all accounts saved on your computer's browser.
You don't want someone to misuse your account, maybe by chance or intentionally.

To get rid of annoying ads

You probably noticed this one if you have bought a variety of stuff over the internet, you get the ads about products related to your previous purchases and even browsing history. Your emails, browsing preferences, history, site visits have a huge impact on the advertisements displayed to you.

Something Went Wrong

Sometimes, in the form of a cookie or adware, some malicious software may have been added to your browser, maybe because you clicked on something without knowing what it was or maybe you allowed some malware to be installed, which may have been downloaded along with a software, clearing history can clear cookies and temporary website data and get you rid of that bot.


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